Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB510AS in-Ear Sports Headphone Review

Sony has commitments towards the way they build their audio systems. These sound systems are the clearest, loudest from the best available earphones out there. They have excellent quality, trustworthy longevity of life span, and a perfect, secure fit.

The Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB510AS here has the best of Sony’s technology. Sony in-ear earbuds are compatible and has all the perfect touches one requires in a right in-ear earphone.

Great fit

The Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB510AS is made to give the best technology and comfort for the consumer’s service. It has a 1.2m, Y type wire, and an extraordinary range of 4-24,000 Hz of frequency response. It comes with secure earbuds with varied sized buds for you find your most comfortable fit.

In-line microphone

To add to the various comforts of using a Sony in-ear earphone, the Sony Extra Bass has an inline microphone. This will assist voice calling. The total experience will be hassle-free and convenient.

Strong bass

To keep up to its name, the Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB510AS has a powerful bass. The bass will keep you grooving to the beats just right without causing much discomfort to the ears.

Splash proof

The pair of earphones makes an excellent run buddy. It is splash-proof. It can be used without any worries in any weather. This also makes it just perfect for gym use.

Tangle free

The wires are litz type and made in a way to avoid tangles as much as possible. It gives fewer reasons to worry about the early breaking of the precious pair by avoiding the unnecessary tugs at it to detangle it.

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What Do We like

Extra Bass

The earphone has thunderous bass. The frequency responsiveness is highly sensitive. This gives it the perfect high bass tone. At the same time, it doesn’t ignore low-frequency sounds and balances them out flawlessly.

Gym proof

The earphone is built with a washable IPX5/7 design. You do not have to worry about sweat damaging it either. It is good to go even after a splash hits it. This makes it the perfect choice for gym use.


The earphone has a variable bud fitting capacity. You can find the perfect fit for yourself without any trouble. The long cord gives the user a functional area of movement, reducing the movement restrictions.

What We Don’t Like

Mediocre noise cancellation

The audio system is made quite well. It can give excellent frequency responsiveness. However, it has average voice isolation. This might hinder the smooth listening experience.


The Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB510AS is the best in-ear Y shaped wired earphone one could find. It has impressive features that support smooth and optimum music experience fo you.

It is loud, crisp, and clear. It will be the best fit you could find as a gym buddy it is splash-proof and has great bass. The product has a very trustworthy sound quality. It is a value for money kind of a device.

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Hetavi Rudani

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