Sony Dynamic MDR-ZX110-P On-ear Headphone Review

Sony’s dynamic headphone is an excellent choice for music lovers. The headphone is provided with the dynamic driver who delivers the precise sound. It has a swivel folding design to make it more convenient to carry.

It has a built-in microphone and in-line remote to control calls and tracks. It has a wide frequency range. The headphones are light weighted the pink color headphones are very attracted. It gives the most relaxed look, especially to the girls.

Swivel Folding Design

These headphones can be carried to anywhere as the headphones swiveling earcups designs allows the secure storage. The earcups swivel flat, so it can be easily folded and can be kept in the bags without worrying so much about the space. It takes very little space.

In-Line Remote & Mic

The headphones consist of the in-line remote and built-in microphone. The user can easily take the calls while listing to the music without removing headphones from the smartphones.

Wide Frequency Range

The wideband frequency range from 12Hz to 22hz has been kept to deliver the deep bass, rich mid-levels, and soaring highs. The quality of the sound becomes very classic with this broad frequency range.

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What Do We like

Total Comfort

The headphones are very comfortable because of the perfect design of the earcups as they have the cushioned ear pads. Due to this facility, they can easily be used for a more extended period without causing any kind of pain to the ears as well as the head.

Easily fitted & Carried

The headphones are easily adapted for a kid as well as an adult. They are adjustable. They can be carried easily from one place to another as its folding facility took very little space and can be kept anywhere.

Precise Sound

30mm neodymium dynamic driver unit delivers rhythmic and precise responses to every track you listen. It enables the headphone to provide punchy and crystal-clear audio.

What We Don’t Like

Short Cord

Two cords are coming from both right and left sides, which are encoded into one. The cord is not very long, so it may cause a problem to the user.

Bass Quality

The quality of the bass is not up to the mark. Its user can’t take the feel of the song as it has no feature of controlling the surrounding sound.


The Sony Dynamic Headphones are perfectly designed, which gives the classic looks to the user as the pink color is very suited to the girls. The headphones can be easily folded and can be carried anywhere as it takes very little space.

The headphones are very comfortable to use for a more extended period as it consists of the cushioned earpads, which gives so much relief and comfort. It has an in-line remote to control tracks and a built-in microphone to take calls while listening to the music easily. The bass quality is not very good, but the user can enjoy the music

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Pranshi Agarwal

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