Skullcandy Venue S6HCW-L003 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone Review

Skullcandy venue S6HCW-L003 is the wireless headphones with noise cancellation. The headphones look stylish in its black variant and provide comfort to the consumer with its cushion headband. This also helps customers to use the product for a longer period such that it does not create pain for the customer.

It also helps customers to get bass-boosted sound with rapid charging and longer useable battery capacity. It also helps to find out your headphones, if you have forgotten it somewhere because of its tile technology. The product is crafted as a lightweight material that helps to carry it. Headphone use 230 volts of energy to provide 24 hour standby time.

Noise cancellation

The product is advance with noise cancellation feature which helps to listen to music in a clamorous and uproarious situation. It helps to avoid the shrill sound of everyday life like vehicle noise, etc. It renders an immersive aural experience. It the best companion for long journeys.

Rapid charge

The headphones helps to avoid a long wait for the charging once it uses up to its full capacity. The headphones provide 5 hours of playback time in just 10 min of charge. This help to provide more time for music. The headphones have a battery life of 24 hours in one full charge.

Monitor mode

This is the exclusive feature of Skullcandy which helps to answer calls, hang up calls or rejects the calls. You can use various features of your smartphone without even touching it. You can order coffee by just pressing a button on the headphones. These Headphones helps to do various thing quickly and swiftly.

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What Do We like

Activate Assistant

The headphone’s assistant helps to give a command with the simple touch of a button. The customer can give directions to the device and also reply to the chats with the friends. The assistant is compatible with all devices. It also helps to give command easily as it is equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Tracking headphones

This is the unique feature that is provided by Skullcandy. The device is built-in tile technology which helps to track your headphones. This help to easily find out product and also provide safety and security from the damages caused by loss of the device. It also saves time and efficiency by easily tracking it.

What We Don’t Like

Quality of Physical body

While the product is equipped with latest technology features which help to provide the value of money, some customer told that the physical body is made up of cheap raw material because of its fragility. The product got broken after a particular time period.


The Skullcandy venue S6HCW-L003 is one of the latest and upgraded smartphones which is equipped with modern features like noise cancellation, rapid charge and monitor mode. The product has various advantages like assistants and tracking of the headphones. The product is one of the best value for money when it comes to internal feature however the company still have to resolve the problem of physical break down of the product.

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Yash Jain

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