Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless Headphone Review

Sennheiser presents its Black URBANITE XL Headphone which provides Wireless connectivity of the device with another device in various ways. Headphones have ear cups that are made of memory foam with a tight seal so that it does not displace during various athletics activities such as gym and running. The product provides an intuitive touch control panel which is easy and simple to use.

Headphones have a good quality of plastic which makes it durable for the customer. The sliding mechanism provides by the company makes the product slip less when we use it. The bold and contemporary design makes it look sturdy for the customer. The product provides a unique foldable feature which makes it easy to collapse and make it easy to store in the supplied soft pouch.

Sound Quality

The music produced is precise and does not overpower the mids or highs which helps to provide clear sound. The mids are clear and not held back which so that your sound does not get attenuation. You can take it with you for clubbing because of its massive bass and clear treble.


the product provides wireless connectivity through Bluetooth version 4.0 which makes it apt for the new-age customer. The version support all the latest Bluetooth device which have there in the market. Also, the sound quality does not have any audio lag such that you can enjoy watching videos without any interruptions.


NFC means Near Field Communication which main work is to connect NFC-equipped devices ‘at a touch’. This facilitates connection up to eight devices and also you can pair two different devices at the same time e.g., you can connect to phone and computer simultaneously. You can also facilitate 3-way-calling.

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What Do We like

Voice prompts

the headphone provides Voice prompts which give vocal cues, such as your headset is in pairing mode or you have 15% battery is remaining. It also helps to take verbal input from the customer such that it can ease their work and make your hand free. This help customer to save time and effort.

Battery backup

the product has 15 days of standby time so that you can carry it for traveling where the charge plug is not readily available. It has 25 hours of music in one full charge which makes it the best choice to choose. The charge would facilitate a long-lasting battery backup because of its stand-by time.

What We Don’t Like


It is on the costlier side and not everyone can afford it.


The URBANITE XL comes with various features such as Sound Quality, Bluetooth and NFC which justifies the value for money for the customer. Pros such as voice prompt and Battery backup make it more favorable to them. But they still have cons such as Price

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Yash Jain

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