Sennheiser Hd-280 Pro Studio Monitor Headphone Review

Sennheiser is a stature brand that gives a top-notch quality audio system. Be it regular headphones or studio use headphones, they in their best to make them flawless.

When it comes to its studio use professional headphones, they have created something significant for maintaining their standards. HD 280 Pro is Sennheiser’s closed, around-the-ear Pro Studio Monitor headphones. It is designed to exceed the demands of the professional environment. 

High ambient noise attenuation

The HD 280 Pro is exceptionally robust and has sound quality, modular design, and aggressive noise isolation that is necessary for the field. Constructed with transducer principle dynamic and closed Linear sound reproduction, it has a frequency response of  8-25000 Hz


The HD 280 Pro has a sound pressure level (SPL) of 113 dB and THD, total harmonic distortion of 0.1 %. It has contact pressure of 6 N and nominal impedance 64 ohm. It also has a load rating of 500 mW


It has connectivity through sturdy, single-sided cable, and circumaural ear coupling. Its jack plug is 3.5 and has a  6.3 mm stereo. Its connection cable is a coiled cable of variable lengths of min. 1.3 m and max. 3 m.


Sennheiser Hd-280 Pro has a unique collapsible design, which is combined with swiveling ear cups that offer maximum flexibility. Its headband wear style and single side cable make it lightweight and comfortable.

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What Do We like

Great earpads

The Sennheiser Hd-280 Pro is made with incredibly soft earpads for a comfortable fit. The earpads fold and rotate for space-saving portability.


The earcups swiveling earcups that fold and twist are suitable for easy application. The single-sided cable makes the headset very flexible

No Bluetooth

Mistakes can’t be afforded when it comes to professional use. With the Sennheiser Hd-280 Pro, the chances of disconnectivity can be avoided from the Bluetooth malfunctioning

What We Don’t Like


The built quality is poor. The earcups and cushion comes out after prolonged use.


The Sennheiser Hd-280 Pro is a headset that you can rely on to give you the best of uninterrupted high-quality listening. The audio reproduction is crisp and clear.

The built is secure, and you can trust it to last you for years together. It has a great 40mm driver that pumps robust music for a perfect listening experience.

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Hetavi Rudani

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