Samsung U Flex Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

Who does not like to listen to non-stop music and carry it on the go, but that is not always possible. However, this has been made possible by Samsung U Flex headphones, which have been ergonomically designed and shaped for premium sound dynamics.

The headphone comes with “HD” Premium Sound and Mic along with OTG Car-Charger, 4FT USB Kit, and raised the bar for other headphones.

Smart design

The Samsung U Flex has a flexible and foldable design that is encased in P2i splash, and sweat-resistant coating has set a benchmark for itself. The flexible design enables one just to fold the headphones and keep it in backpacks or just tug it in pockets.

At times the earphones stand a chance of getting misplaced, so the Samsung U Flex headphone comes with flexible neckband design. Also, to avoid entangling of the wires, smart magnets have been provided for earphone management.

U Flex Active key

The Samsung U Flex headphones come with smart U Flex Active key features, which provide flexibility and puts some Samsung phone functions right at the disposal of the user like Answering /rejecting calls, and adjusting the volume is much easier.

Lithium-Ion Battery

These Samsung headphones are backed up by inbuilt lithium-ion long-lasting battery, which has a playtime up to 10hr, Talktime up to 9hr, and in standby mode for up to 250hr. So now no more worries with draining the battery.


Bluetooth 4.1 provides uninterrupted connectivity and crisp sound, whether listening to music or on a call due to Scalable codec technology, which ensures the flow of music is steady even during challenging conditions for a seamless Bluetooth connection.


Compared to other headphones, Samsung U Flex weighs only 51g, making it super light and can be easily carried around.

2-way speakers

Samsung U Flex Headphones are uniquely designed with two-way speakers comprising 11 mm woofers and 8 mm tweeters to maintain accuracy in every musical note across the entire frequency spectrum.

Scalable Codec technology

Scalable Codec technology analyzes Wi-Fi frequencies and sends optimized data to the speakers, which enhances audio performance to enable continuous,interruption-free, and stable Bluetooth sound.

Bixby responds

The integrated Bixby support enables Samsung U Flex Headphones to work on voice commands. All one has to do is talk after pressing or while holding the active button, and Bixby starts working even while the smartphone is in the pocket, and one can easily navigate through songs and playlists.


It is universally compatible with all Bluetooth phones and tabs. Works with both Apple and Android phones.

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What Do We like


The sleek neckband design not only makes the headphone attractive but is also very convenient as one can wear the headphone around the neck while not using it with no fear of misplacement.

A magnet for earphone management prevents entangling of the wires, and the High-comfort earpads provide comfort and excellent hearing experience.

The earplugs are incredibly soft, and the ear tips are available in S/M/L to ensure everyone finds their perfect fit. The excellent fit and the cushiony earpads do not hurt the ears even while using the headphones for a long time and offer great hearing experience.


The Samsung wireless headphone is light weighing only 51g, are flexible and easily foldable, and can be easily carried around in backpacks or worn around the neck due to its unique neckband design.

Great sound quality

The headphone not only provides uninterrupted music on the go, but also it’s sound quality for music and voice calls is crisp and prominent due to Scalable codec technology.

Music on the go

Bluetooth 4.2  version provides uninterrupted data transmission facilitating music and calls on the go for better user experience.

Long battery life

The Samsung headphones have inbuilt lithium-ion long-lasting battery, which has a playtime up to 10hr, Talktime up to 9hr, and in standby mode for up to 250hr. So now no more worries with draining the battery.

What We Don’t Like


The Bass quality is not up to the mark. If you are a bass lover, then you won’t like these headphones very much.


The headphone not only has an elegant and smart design but is also very convenient, light and easily portable. It comes with a 2-way speaker, an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.2 supported by Scalable Codec technology which provides uninterrupted music and calls on the go, works on voice commands along with long-lasting battery life.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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