Samsung Level U Wireless in-Ear Headphone Review

Nowadays, when music has become our all-time companion, then why not carry it along? Samsung Bluetooth headphones are light and portable. You need not ever carry it in your backpack; it consumes absolutely zero space as you can wear it around your neck because of its unique neckband design. Isn’t that cool!

While traveling on a train,  bus, or metro, one can just tune into their favorite track and enjoy its excellent sound quality and noise-canceling feature.

Bluetooth 4.1

This headphone comes with a cool neckband design and advantages of Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which makes life easier. Version 4.1 is an upgrade that provides not only better quality data transmission but also uninterrupted music and calls on the go.

Noise Cancellation

The ambiance noise sound makes us cringe all the time. The noise cancellation feature of the headphones allows answering calls without any disturbance and cancels any kind of external noise and provides a crisp, clear sound.

Lithium-Ion Battery

These Samsung headphones are backed up by lithium-ion long-lasting and rechargeable battery, which has a playtime up to 10hr, Talktime up to 11hr, and in standby mode for up to 500hr. So now no more worries with draining the battery.

USB Port

The USB cable available with the headphones makes charging quick and hassle-free. If you feel the battery is draining out, all you have to do it is plug it into  Samsung mobile chargers or power banks and serves as an unbeatable universal port for charging the wireless headphones.

Ergonomically Designed

The earplugs are 12mm in diameter and are ergonomically designed to fit all ears. The earplugs are soft and cushiony and do not hurt even after using the headphones for a long time.

Inbuilt Button

The headphones come with a set of inbuilt buttons, which make using the headphones very convenient. With the help of the inbuilt buttons, one can easily switch between music and calls, play, stop or go forward or backward using just the headphones.

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What Do We like


The sleek neckband design not only makes the headphone attractive but is also very convenient as one can wear the headphone around the neck while not using it with no fear of misplacement.


The Samsung wireless headphone has ETC Flexible Urethane Joint and weighs only 33g thus can be easily carried around in backpacks or worn around the neck.

Great sound quality

The headphone not only provides uninterrupted music on the go but also it’s sound quality for music and voice calls is crisp and prominent. Its Dual-Mic Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation reduce unwanted ambiance noise, which makes hearing difficult.

Music on the go

Bluetooth 4.1  is an upgraded version that provides uninterrupted data transmission facilitating music and calls on the go for better user experience.

What We Don’t Like


The Bass quality is not up to the mark. If you are a bass lover, then you won’t like these headphones very much


The headphone not only has an elegant design but is also very convenient, portable, has noise cancellation feature, comes with an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.1 which provides uninterrupted music and calls along with a long-lasting battery

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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