Samsung EO-HS130DBEGIN In-ear Headphone Review

‘Music anytime, anywhere.’ These headphones are very light and easily portable. All you need to do is fold them and slip in your bag-pack, and you have a great companion for the day.

While traveling on a train,  bus, or metro, one can just tune into their favorite track and zone out for a few minutes. The powerful bass, clear treble, and the comfortable fit of the earplugs provide a great listening experience.

8mm Dynamic Driver

The headphone comes with  8mm dynamic Driver Units, which produce clear and powerful sound. Also, the deep bass and the clear treble of the headphone are well balanced to provide an excellent hearing experience.


The headphone, compared to other headphones, weighs only 41g, making it super light and can be easily portable.

High-comfort earpads

The sole purpose of the headphone is to provide comfort and great hearing experience. The earplugs are incredibly soft, and the ear tips are available in S/M/L to ensure everyone finds their perfect fit. The excellent fit and the cushiony earpads do not hurt the ears even while using the headphones for a long time and offer excellent hearing experience.

Smart inline control

An Inline Mic, placed in the casing or connector band, uses voice commands and allows to answer calls without taking off the headphones and also enables quick and easy switch between calls and music.

Ergonomic Design

The headphone comes with inbuilt control and ergonomic button design, which keeps the user in control over features like Mic, Play, Pause, Stop, and Volume(up/down).

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What Do We like

Powerful Sound

The earphone provides Improved Full-Range High-Definition sound. Powerful bass, powerful sound, and clear treble are due to the 8mm dynamic drivers that deliver an exclusive balance of resonating bass and high-frequency tones for precise, natural sound.


 Not only are the headphones are light in weight but also very sleek and elegant. The soft cushion-like earmuffs are super comfortable and are available in different sizes. Therefore, the ears do not hurt, even if the headphone is used for an extended period.


The headphones are super stylish and light and can be easily carried around while traveling. Also, the ergonomic design and the 1.2m Balanced Tangle-Free Cable enables one to just slip in the headphones in purses and backpacks. The headphone allows you to take great sound wherever you go.

Quick switch between calls and music

The inline controls of the headphone uses voice commands, and the mic no longer hangs in front of the phone while talking. The headphones with smart inline mic allow quick and smooth switch between music and calls.

Keeps in control

The HS1303  with inbuilt control and ergonomic button design keeps the user in control over features like Mic, Play, Stop, and Volume.


The warranty period is of 6 months during which if the earphones do not function properly, they can easily be replaced or repaired.

What We Don’t Like


The headphone is a bit delicate and needs to be handled with care as it is prone to damage easily.


The HS130 is an ideal choice for all music lovers with its 8mm Dynamic Driver, Lightweight, High-comfort earpads, Smart inline control, and Ergonomic Design.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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