Samsung EO-EG920LW Headphone Review

Samsung presents its headphone which is design to gives you amazing, noise-free, immersive, supreme and powerful sound clarity with crystal clear voice. It also gives one of the best music experiences because it doesn’t compromise on the quality of components. The product is a wired earphone with the dimension 10.9 x 10.2 x 0.5 cm so that you can keep it with you during various voyages.

It provides a plug of 3.5mm, which punches out seriously powerful bass which you’ve experienced in concert halls, arenas, and recording studios around the world. Samsung designs it in such a way which cater to the need of the youngsters as it is specially designed to suit the need of the youngster. It comes in two color variants that are black and white.

Inline control

The product has a functional button which helps to receive and accept the incoming calls so that you cannot miss important calls, notification, and message. It also has an in-built mic so that you can get the crystal clear voice without any hindrance of outer sound or noise.

Sturdy Design

The ear-buds are suitable for almost all shapes and sizes of ear so that it can give you the best experience. It has made up of superior quality so that it delivers premium audio which helps to get louder sound without getting distort. The sturdy design helps to carry it during traveling.


The product requires the device to have a 3.5mm Aux port to connect with it. The earphone is specially designed for Samsung smartphones so that it can give Fresh musical experience to the consumers. The product is compatible with Galaxy S5, S6, and S6 Edge and Note 4 and 5.

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What Do We like

Tangle-free flat cable

the product Wire is thicker than most of the earphones present in the market which help it to not get tangled easily. Also, it helped to minimize the efforts and time as the person doesn’t have to solve the knot of headphones. The tangle-free helps to reduce effort and increase the durability of a product.

Trusted brand

the product is manufactured by Samsung which is one of the leading brands in the customer electronics market segment. The company is there in the market for more than the last 2 decades and expand its market all over the world. The customer has trust over the brand because of its after-sale services.

What We Don’t Like

No bass

There is no bass when you use them.


Samsung earphone has a various feature such as Inline control, Sturdy Design, and Compatible which define its value for the customers. Advantages such as  Tangle-free flat cable and trusted brand adds a reason for the customer to choose it. However, the company needs to still solve the problem such as Durability so that it does not reduce the brand value.

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Yash Jain

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