QCY QS1 Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

The QCY QS1 is a leading brand that manufactures audio products. The waterproof wireless earphones have impressive sound quality. The battery composition is of alkaline earth metals. The dimension of the product is 7.8*3.4*0.8 cm. They are compatible with devices like iPhone, iOS, android, laptop, mobiles, etc.

They have a sporty look which means that they are the best for a sportsperson. The earphones are included with two Bluetooth headphones, USB cables, charging box, user manual, and two pairs of earmuffs.

Sound Quality

The earphone has the perfect sound quality with strong bass and 3D sound. The Bluetooth 5.0 and ACC audio decoding provides a better and clear sound. High-Fidelity audio restores the rich details.

Sports Design

The earphones are designed perfectly to suit the requirements of a sports person. The wireless earphones are made with soft silicone ear hooks that fit onto any ear shape. They do not fall off easily, which makes them perfect for running, jogging, etc.


The earphones consist of the battery, which is composed of the lithium polymer. The battery provides up to 6-9 hours of continuous playback, which lets you enjoy listening to your favorite tracks without interruption.


The earbuds are so comfortable that it can be used for a more extended period without causing any pain in the ear and head. The earbuds are securely fitted and do not cause any irritation.

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What Do We like


The earphones have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version for a wireless connection, which ensures the stable connectivity of the earbuds up to the full range of 10 meters.

Quick Charge

The earphones have the unique feature of fast charge, which can provide 6-9 hours of playback with just 1.5 hours of charging.

Charging Case

The earbuds are provided with a charging case having a 380mAh battery, which can charge the earbuds four times. Hence, it ensures continuous use of 20 hours.

Sweat Proof

The earphones have IPX4 waterproof property, which means it is resistant to sweat. Hence, it is perfect for sportspersons as it will not allow sweat to remain on the earphones.

What We Don’t Like

Pairing Issue

The user might face the pairing issue of the earphones.


QCY Wireless Earbud Earphones are perfect for a sportsperson. It has an excellent sound quality with strong bass and 3D sound. It ensures a secure fit in the ears. The earphone has a lithium-ion battery, which can provide 6-9 hours of playback time by just 1.5 hours of quick charging.

The earbuds are comfortable and lightweight. The earbuds have stable connectivity up to 10 meters, as it has Bluetooth 5.0. It is provided with a charging case that can charge the earbuds four times. It has IPX4 waterproof property, which makes it resistant to sweat.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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