PTron Tango True Wireless Earphones Review

PTron is a relatively new brand that has received a lot of appreciation from its Indian consumer base in recent times for the quality products they build. Its collection of modern, professionally engineered wireless earphones has come into the spotlight.

The PTron Tango Bluetooth Earphones has the most advanced 5.0 chip. It is fast, efficient, and fabulous. With outstanding quality and reliability, it is a perfect pick for a truly wireless headset.


The PTron Tango Bluetooth Earphones have excellent connectivity. It has the most advanced technology through Bluetooth v5.0. It has Bluetooth transmission range up to 10M. It uses HFP1.7, 1.2, A2DP1.3, AVRCP1.6 ,SPP1.2, PBAP1.2, & BDR/BLE for communication.


The 8mm Drivers produce robust sound with a speaker frequency range of 20Hz-20kHZ. It has an impedance of 32 ohms. The speaker’s sensitivity lies in 95dB±3 dB. The speaker output power is  50mW.

Inline microphone

The Tango Bluetooth Earphones have an inline microphone to make matters even more comfortable. The mic sensitivity is -42dB ±3DB.


The Battery life of the Tango Bluetooth Earphones is astonishingly long-lasting. It charges through a Charging box of 1500mAh and  Earbuds  50mAh each.

It has charging power – DC 5V and charging time about 1.2 hours. It gives music playtime/Talktime for about 3 hours. It has a great standby time of 120 hours.

True Wireless Stereo

The Tango Bluetooth Earphones have the most advanced wireless technology & High-quality Hi-Fi sound, which is equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology. It can provide a better communication range of the current ratio. The connection stability is simple, fast, and uninterrupted.

Balanced Stereo Sound and  Noise Cancellation

The Tango Bluetooth Earphones have excellent sound output without reducing the high-grade earphone quality. It is so perfect that one can feel both vocals, instruments, and bass.

PTron Tango’s design and technology will also minimize the external noises so that you enjoy your music to the fullest without interruptions.

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What Do We like

Button Control

All the fantastic functions of these wireless earphones are coordinated with a single button to keep intact the minimalistic design and offer many variables at the same time. It can be controlled by a single switch- on/off, play/pause, next/previous song to manage it best.

Hands-free Experience

The inline microphone makes sure to give the best handsfree experience. Its high-performance built-in mic in both the earbuds can ensure effortless communication.

Smartphone Charge

The charging case of the Tango Bluetooth Earphones also enables the charging of your smartphones in emergencies. It can be done by connection through the charging slot.

Truly Mini  Earbuds

The earphones fit gently and securely to the ear with a wireless Bluetooth connection technology that is so lightweight that you won’t even feel them. This makes them perfect for daily and gym use

What We Don’t Like

No cons, as such, were observed in Tango Bluetooth Earphones.


The Tango Bluetooth Earphones are a naturally faster and more stable model of a truly wireless earphone. It uses advanced audio processing technology, making the sound quality is more explicit. The built-in Mic offers you excellent communication through hands-free technology.

The looks of the Tango Bluetooth Earphones are fashionable, and its top-grade metal appearance of Earbuds will make you cool while running, jogging, yoga, and other high-intensity activities. It is a product for the value.

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Hetavi Rudani

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