Procus Rogers Truly Wireless Earphone Review

Procus is a trusted brand for many electronic items such as Headphones, Ear Pods, VR gear, etc. They make quality products and do not compromise with the features.

Procus Rogers is full of features. It is voice assistant ready, comes with extra ear tips and sweat proof as well as splash resistant. Engineered for sporty people to fit properly, battery life won’t be a problem at all. The product build is pretty sturdy too.

Voice Assistant

With a touch of a single button, you can activate the voice command such as Siri/Google Now/Amazon Alexa, etc. The powerful microphone will catch your voice at once and will open them up. You’re then all set to give the command.

Ear Tips

Comfort is the main thing in any earphones. This Rogers earphone comes with three different sized ear tips with it. So the earbuds fit you perfectly, and you feel comfortable wearing them.

Sweat & Splash Resistant

Sweat is good when you’re working out, not on your earphones, right? That is why this earphone presents you sweat and splash resistant. It is IPX5 rated so you can take this little beast to jog or can do a workout while wearing them. Sweat won’t be a problem.

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What Do We like

Sports Fit

These in-ear earphones are designed so well that they fit rightly to your ears. The ear hook will fit perfectly and holds pretty well while you’re running or doing something. It is specially designed for Sports purpose uses.

Sound and Bass

The audio chipset that is in these earphones is of very high quality. The 3D surround sound and deep thumping bass is something you will fall for sure. Rogers will make sure that you experience each and every song’s beats and vocals properly.

Battery Life

It lasts up to 5-6 hours of playback time on a single full charge. And with the charging case, that time goes up to 20+ hours. That case holds the power of 3 additional charges for the earphones. So listen flawlessly, there’ll be no interruption.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Cancellation

These Procus Rogers earphones do not come with the Noise cancellation feature. Which is nowadays pretty much of a significant drawback if you ask me.


These Procus Rogers are somewhat a decent earphone if you’re looking for some low budget earbuds. It will give you the premium feel as well as the premium look too.

They are designed to be used for Sports-related uses. Sound and Bass quality is pretty good, and the battery will last long. These pocket-friendly earphones are worth a shot.

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Koushik Mondal

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