Portronics POR-894 Muffs L Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Portronics has been one of the top leading electronics brands of India. It has a vast range of electronic gadgets who provides quality products. They are built with premium technology.

It has a trustworthy collection of wireless earphones. The Portronics POR-894 Muffs is one of them. Made with the best of Protonics’ technology, it has some excellent features that make it the perfect choice.


The Portronics POR-894 Muffs have the latest Bluetooth V4.1. It has excellent connectivity and provides optimum audio. The wireless feature is advanced with its noise canceling feature. The sound is HD when it comes to bass response. It will enable the clearest possible sound system.

Calling enabled

The Portronics POR-894  works on low-power BLE Bluetooth 4.1. but along with that, it has an inbuilt microphone. The microphone is powered with the HD sound system. The wireless technology with Bluetooth connectivity will provide a hassle-free calling experience. The HD quality will improvise the listening experience by taking it up a notch.

Compact Design

The earphone is truly lightweight (111gms), that provides perfect comfort. The lightness ensures no heavy head effect post long time usage. The ear cushions are particularly soft to cause no discomfort and irritation to the outer ear.  The adjustable headband gives one ability to maintain a perfect fit for the head.


The Portronics POR-894 Muffs has ultra-efficient control features. It can give very easy control over songs and calls. It has a button answer/reject/ finish phone calls. It can also pause/ play, change tracks, adjust the volume of the songs. All this is available in the MFB (Multi-Function Button) on the ear-pad.

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What Do We like

Travel efficient

With it’s excellent, easy to use impressive music system, the Muffs is also very travel-efficient. This is because it can easily connect to your smartphone or iPods, MP3 players.

You can use it during a morning run, walks, gym, watching YouTube videos and movies on laptops and in train journeys or airplanes or office while working without disturbing others. The earphone has good noise cancellation.

Long Battery Life

The headset has a 400mAh Li-on battery. It can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. It gives 12+ hours of playtime, also about 20+ hours of talk-time. As an additional backup, it has 280 hrs standby time. The earphone has an AUX port. It allows us to switch off the Bluetooth and still play music.

One-Touch Voice Assistant

The Portronics POR-894 provides a rich musical experience with smart technology. Along with 12+ hours of playtime, it gives additional voice assistants.

The inbuilt microphone helps to command Alexa, Siri, Google, and Cortana. This will get more work done with a simple touch without having to reach for the phone.

Corporate Branding

The Portronics has great consumer service. They will customize the headset with requested corporate branding. It enables a printed logo of your company over the POR-894 Muffs. This feature also makes it a perfect choice for corporate gifting.

Extra connectivity

The Aux Cable in the Portronics POR-894 Muffs allows the use of non-Bluetooth devices like TV, laptop or PCs. It can prevent the draining of phone batteries. If ever you are running low on battery you can switch to the aux port of having more of uninterrupted music experience.

What We Don’t Like


The product has fragile body if not used with utmost carefulness it might break or malfunction.


The Portronics POR-894 Muffs is an efficient headset with supreme quality features. The pair will surely not disappoint you.

The sound quality is great. It is the best choice for corporate use as it has an excellent balance of frequencies. The product is worth the value.

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Hetavi Rudani

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