Portronics Harmonic POR-927 Wireless Headset Review

Portronics Harmonics 200 Wireless Stereo headset is foldable, so it will save your space in storing and carrying. The headphone has controls buttons within it. The buttons will allow you to control music and calls effortlessly and accurately. You will be able to control it with one-touch that is located intuitively on the neckband of this headset.

Harmonics 200 can be easily able to connect to all of your Bluetooth enabled devices. It possesses a powerful rechargeable battery. The headset will provide you up to 18 hours of continuous listening to your favorite music track. You can use it for 300 hours of standby within a single time charging.

Earbuds are Retractable

The headset has a narrow, durable, and flexible stereo neckband. It also has retractable earbuds. The earbuds can easily extend to both of your ears. Also, it just needs only one press of a button to equally retracted back in the silicon body. It will not create any mess of dangling cables.

Stable Connectivity

The headset has a more stable Bluetooth connectivity with your device. It can impressively connect to a distance of 10 meters away from the device.

Compatibility with Devices

The Harmonics 200 Bluetooth headset can connect with so many Bluetooth enabled devices. Some of the famous devices are Android devices, iPhone series, iPad, Sony devices, Bluetooth enabled TV, computers, etc.

Conveniently Foldable Design

It has a very conveniently foldable design to save your space while storing and carrying it. While you go office and have less space in your bag, you will still be able to take it.

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What Do We like

Battery life

The harmonic 200 headset has a very impressive, powerful rechargeable battery. It is providing you up to 18 hours of continuous experience of listening to music. It has 300 hours of standby with only single battery charging. You can attend your call anytime and talk to others with this headset while having your phone on charging.

Resistant to Water

The headset possesses hydrophobic nano coating and IPX5 rating. It is designed to ensure to provide effortless performance to users. It is a water-resistant headset that will help you use it while running, hiking, gym, traveling, etc.

Sound Quality

The Portronics is providing a good sound quality in this Harmonic 200 wireless headset. You can enjoy your favorite music tracks with this headset. If you want to attend a call, then it will not blur the voice of another person.

What We Don’t Like

Poor Noise cancellation

The headphones have imperfect noise cancellation, which means that you will face little problem while listening to music or talking in public places.


Despite being uncomfortable for long hours, use it is best to buy in under this budget. It has the best battery life; also, no one uses the headset for 24 hours.

So, you can neglect that it will get uncomfortable while using it for long hours. You can take this headset as they are so much convenient to use. The headset has many impressive features. 

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Komal Pandey

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