Philips SHE4205WT/00 Headphone Review

Philips India Limited is a subsidiary of Royal Philips of the Netherlands, a leading health technology company. This companies products are always something you can depend on.

Philips SHE4205WT/OO delivers a clear and comfortable sound for your ears. You can use it for longer sessions. It’s super light in terms of weight; you’ll barely feel it. You can carry it anywhere easily. So plug it in and start enjoying it.

Gravity Defying Headphones

This earphone is super light and thin. You can barely feel anything in your ears while plugged in. This is a seamless addition to your collection.

Durable Cable

The cable that comes with this earphone is extra durable. It may be light, but it is nowhere near fragile. It’s built for daily life usage. The cable has built-in strain relief, which makes the durability even longer.


These earphones are so light that you don’t feel anything on your ears. You can use it for longer sessions without any worries. These earphones don’t hurt your ears or irritate it. So be comfortable and enjoy your music.

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What Do We like

Bass and Clarity

This earphone has Bass Tube built in it. The bass tube helps increase the airflow to deliver heavy bass. This is an ideal product for the bass lovers out there. With its 12.2mm drivers, the loudness and clarity of this earphone are pretty decent. At high volumes, it will deliver you pretty much good performance.

Build Quality

The plastic that has been used to make this earphone is very solid and sturdy. It may be thin but sturdy. It’s made in a way, so it weighs very little but lasts very long. The Metalic finish gives a premium outlook to this earphone.

Handsfree Calls

Now go handsfree with this earphone. The built-in buttons have many features, such as you can play or pause any song. And you can answer a call by just pressing the button. You don’t need to take out your phone from your pocket. At this price these facilities are excellent, I’d say. Button’s quality is decent.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Cancellation

There is no Noise Cancellation feature in this earphone. So there’ll be a lot of noise when you’re talking to someone, and it won’t be a pleasurable conversation, I think. This is a feature they should have thought about adding.


It has been reported that the quality of the built-in microphone is not so good as it may seem. The person you’re talking to on the other side might not be able to hear properly sometimes. But again at this price range what more you can expect, right?


This earphone has clarity and crispness of sound, good heavy bass. Cable durability is pretty decent. The Metalic finish looks premium. Most importantly, you are comfortable wearing this earphone for hours. Despite having a few cons, I would say this product is a good value for money.

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Koushik Mondal

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