Philips SHE1525BK/94 Upbeat Earphone Review

Philips is a leading brand which manufactures electronics, lighting, audio system, and medical equipment. Philips SHE1525BK/94 is an upbeat earphone that provides the crystal-clear audio output.

The perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise. The speaker diameter is 8.6mm. The 1.2m long cable of the earphone is very much ideal for outdoor use.

Interchangeable Rubber Caps

The ear caps are interchangeable from small to large size according to the size of the ear. The rubber caps come in 3 different sizes. Surely, there is a pair that will fit your ear perfectly. Soft rubber is used between the cable and the headphones, which helps in protecting the cable from extra damage.

Ergonomic Design

The earphones are designed by keeping in mind the comfort of the user. Ergonomic earbuds give comfort to the ear and reduce noise, which comes from the external sources. The earphone’s quality is excellent and tough. It has a rigid design.

Integrated Microphone and Call Button

With the help of an integrated microphone and call button, you can use the earphone to receive calls as well as listening and enjoying music. You can easily receive and end calls from the earphones.

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What Do We like

In-Built Mic

You can use the mic while receiving any call, there is no need to take your mouth near the phone’s in-built microphone. It is very much handy to receive calls while listening to music. You don’t have to reach your phone to accept or reject the call, as you can do it through the microphone button.

Excellent Audio Quality

It has good audio quality and provides clear audibility. Its sound clarity is very classic. It works very effectively and produces dynamic and balanced audio with good power. Deep and original audio is its brighter side.


It provides comfort to the user. There will be no pain in the head or in-ear while using these earphones. The ideal cable length that is 1.2m gives the freedom to keep the audio device wherever the user wants. The grip is perfect.

Dynamic bass

It provides the extra thump to the music. Its high bass help’s in increasing and decreasing the volume. One can hear a full bass effect only when the volume button is fully up and use it along with the ear hooks.


Tangle Free Wire: It comes with the tangle-free wire. The problem of wire breaking has solved, which occurs due to bending. Flat cable makes it tangle-free, and it is impossible to get tangled while kept in the pocket.

What We Don’t Like


Rubber buds are very loose and can be lost easily. The quality of the cable is not up to the mark.


Philips SHE1525BK 94 wired earphones with mic have a very nice quality. The quality of the sound is very clear. The bass and treble are perfectly balanced.

It is nice and comfortable earphones, or we can say it is user-friendly. It provides integrated microphones and call button facility. It has an ergonomic design and builds quality is decent and not long-lasting, but apart from this, it is one of the best earphones in this price range.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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