Philips SHB3075BL/00 Wireless On-Ear Headphone Review

Introduction:-Who does not like music.These days not only millennials but also adults like to listen to music on the go, maybe while working out, while in a public transport or waiting for someone. The Philips SHB3075BL wireless earphones are an ideal choice for every music lover and gadget freak.

Quick Rechargeable battery

The reachable battery provides nonstop playtime. Once you charge the battery and you are good to go for the next 12 hours.

32mm speaker drivers

With these headphones with 32 mm speaker drivers, one can jam on his or her favorite song with pumping bass and great sound clarity.

Adjustable earmuffs with soft ear cushions and headband

The adjustable earmuffs and the headband provide optimal comfort as they can be adjusted as to how loose or tight a person wants to have their headphones to ensure a great fit for all users. Also, the soft ear cushions provide comfort to when listening for a long time.

Bold bass

Ultra-low end frequencies are generated by the exclusively tuned drivers and uniquely designed bass vents to create a powerful BASS and sound signature.

Wireless Bluetooth technology

The headphones can be connected to any Bluetooth device for wireless music and this also facilitates hands-free calling on the go with mic and Bluetooth 4.1.

Great sound isolation

 The ambient noise gets blocked out because of the distinguishable design, created for improved sound isolation.

USB charging cable

The  USB charging cable comes really handy when you are in a rush. It keeps the headphones powered up and ready to be used.

Ear-shell control buttons

The controls on the right ear shell help easily control music, calls, and volume.

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What Do We like

Ease and convenience

The USB cable, quick controls on the earmuff to manage calls, music or volume and latest technology with 32mm speaker drives makes it an ideal headphone.

Call Management

One can answer or reject calls while driving using mic and Bluetooth connection, switch in between calls, switch between call and music and also mute the mic.

Great sound quality

One can listen to soothing songs and jam to their go-to songs with powerful bass and the great sound isolation that helps cancel any unnecessary ambiance noise for a better listening experience.

Easily portable

The compact design help to fold and store away the headphone when not in use and it occupies hardly any space, ideal for carrying on travel.

What We Don’t Like


The ear shells although cushioned can cause pain after long usage and also do not perfectly cover the ears. Also, the quality of the headband is not up to the mark.


With all the latest technology and the great sound quality, powerful bass, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it is the best one can get. They are easily portable. So just fold them up,  put them in your backpacks and you are good to go.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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