Philips PRO6305BK In-Ear Headphone Review

Philips has been in the world from last more than 20 years while serving so many electronic products. Philips precisely design their headphones to deliver the natural & balanced sound. Thus, the headphone can reveal every detail of the song as the artist intended as well as the voice of another person during phone calls.

The Philips Hi-Res Audio PRO6305BK in-ear headphone comes with the perfect sound presentation with a lightweight and durable design. It gives incredible comfort and pleasure with its sleek ergonomic design while using it in-ear.

The headphone has an in-line mic and pick-up button to make conversations hassle-free. The music comes in its purest high-resolution form of audio. Philips provides noise isolation for better sound even while using it with low volume.

It has a vacuum metallization that makes it look luxurious with metallic finishing over it. There are three ears capsizes to make a perfect personalized kit.


Best Performance

Philips Hi-Res Audio headphone is an ideal mix of style, performance, and utility. It will provide you the best performance experience with seamlessly picking a phone call. You can easily control volumes with your fingertips.
You don’t need to compromise with its performance.

High-Resolution Audio

The Philips headphone can support audio files with higher sampling frequency. It comes with 12.2 mm neodymium drivers for high-resolution sound performance. You can easily listen to your favorite tracks with precision clarity.

You will experience high-res audio at the high end and smooth & strong bass at the low end of the song.

Sleek & Comfortable Design

Philips headphones are engineered with an offset ear tip. It will fit more comfortably in your ear while using it. The headphone comes with three interchangeable ear tips to offer you an optimal fit.

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What Do We like

Built-in Mic & Buttons

The headphone has a built-in microphone & control buttons, and that will help you to switch from music to urgent phone calls instantly. You can easily control volumes with buttons while listening to your favorite track.

Luxurious Metallic finish

The headphone comes with a vacuum metallization. The Philips engineered process gives the headphone a sleek, premium metallic finish. It looks like an attractive and sturdy headphone that provides you longer durability.

Premium Quality & High Fidelity

The Philips headphones are precisely designed to deliver premium quality & high fidelity. It will reveal every detail of your favorite track. Also, it will clear the voice of another person while you receive calls.

The headphone comes with a lightweight yet durable design for more convenience.

What We Don’t Like

Low bass

The Philips Hi-Res Audio headphone’s bass is somewhat low as it is balanced. Users who prefer high bass may get disappointed with low bass while listening to their favorite tracks. It is not meant for a bass lover.


Despite having low bass, the headphone has the audio systems to a whole new level. The headphones are great that can compete with other headphones under its range.

It performs with great midst and more clarity. The headphone has a warm signature tone with premium looks. Go for this Philips Hi-res Audio headphone if you’re a beginner in the shopping of headphones.

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Komal Pandey

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