Philips Everlite SHL4805 Over-ear headphone Review

The Philips Everlite SHL4805 over-ear headphones come with 32 mm tilted neodymium speaker drivers that provide powerful and crisp sound with deep and rich bass. The soft cushion ear shells and ultra-slim headband ensure long-wearing comfort. Hence, the stylish headphones with premium metallic finishing offer you an enhanced and comfortable listening experience.

The foldable and light-weight design of the headphones allows you to carry it around. They also come with a remote control that allows hands-free calling. It is easy to use and ensures the convenient operation of the headphones.

Let us now take a look at the detailed review of the Philips Everlite Over-Ear Headphones.


32 mm Speaker Drivers

The Philips Everlite headphones feature 32 mm tilted speaker drivers that ensure powerful sound. They utilize neodymium magnets to produce high quality, crisp sound with enhanced deep and rich bass. Hence, you get an enriched music listening experience.


The closed-back design of the drivers provides good sound isolation. It cancels out noise from the surroundings so that you obtain an enhanced sound experience.

Flat-Cable Design

The headphones come with a 1.2 m long cable for outdoor use. The flat-cable design prevents the cable from getting tangled for convenient use. Also, the added strain relief ensures the durability of the cable.

Ultra-Slim Design

The ultra-slim design of the headphones makes it easy to carry around. They include oval ear shells and a slimline headband with refined metallic finishing. The superior design and iconic silky smooth form make them stand-out.

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What Do We like

Light-weight and Portable

The headphones are extremely light-weight. They come with an ultra-slim and foldable design. Hence, they can be conveniently folded into a flat and compact size for portability. The Philips Everlite headphones are perfect for outdoor use.

Remote Control for Hands-free Calling

They feature an easy to use the remote control for the convenient operation of the headphones. The remote control allows you to play or pause music tracks. It also enables you to answer calls hands-free with the press of a button.

Long-Wearing Comfort

The adjustable headband and ear shell ensure a secure and comfortable fit for any head type. The ear shells comprise of soft, breathable ear cushions that allow air circulation. They offer long-wearing comfort for a comfortable and long music listening session.

What We Don’t Like

No Negative Points

We have not noticed any negative points associated with these headphones so far. They are ideal options for those in search of over-ear headphones.


The Philips Everlite over-ear headphone is an excellent choice to go for. They ensure powerful sound with deep and rich bass. Hence, you obtain an enhanced sound listening experience. The light-weight and ultra-slim design ensure comfortable outdoor use.

The unique features and specifications of these headphones make them a recommended choice. Moreover, they are available in an affordable price range. Hence, they are suitable for those under a budget.

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Anaida Sutherland

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