Panasonic Schwarz RP-TCM105E-W in-Ear Headphone Review

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation that has been known for producing products with advanced technology for many years. It one of the most trusted brands all over the world.

It is the wired earphones with flat tangle-free cables, flat ear cups and an ideal music partner for you presented by Panasonic.

Ergofit design for aesthetic look

It is designed to fit properly and cause no pain and the audio sensitivity up to  97db which allows you to give detailed hearing.

9mm Driver units

With such great neodymium magnet speakers, you can really enjoy good quality music anytime anywhere.

9Hz-25000 Hz

The wide range of frequency lets you listen to a large spectrum of sound, giving you detailed sound.


It is compatible with almost every device, thus, you don’t need to worry about which device you are going to put it on.

Noise Isolation Technology

It has high impedance, which cancels the outside noise and ket you enjoy only your music with any disturbance.

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What Do We like

You listen to every beat

The in-ear earbuds of the headphones fit gently in the ear and lets you get the beat of every sound. The quality of sound is remarkable. The wide range of frequency doesn’t let you miss any beat.


It is compatible with almost every device so that you can enjoy music on any device.

Aesthetic Design

It has a minimalistic look which makes it look very appealing and sleek. It can be your ideal musical partner for any time, anywhere.

What We Don’t Like

Bass is non-existent

It does not come with bass technology, which means at higher volume, you don’t have soothing music experience. The mid highs and lows are very bad.

Thin wires

The headphone wires are relatively thin which makes them look fragile or less durable. So you have to keep it with care to ensure long-lasting usage.


Panasonic is a great brand and have been offering many products to the Indian Market, if you are for a good quality product then at such an affordable price, with all the basic features, you can totally go for buying this product.

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Ambareen Azam

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