Mi Earphone YDJS01JY Review

Xiaomi MI is a Chinese company that has been known for its advanced tech electronics gadgets like headphones, mobile phones, television sets, and many more home appliances. It has been innovating stuff for over a decade now.

This earphone has customized basics just for India, giving you what you were looking for- Ultra deep bass and tangle-free wires. It comes with the Volume control button and Mic, also has a 90 degree angled L connector.

90 Degree Angled L Connector

It ensures that it exposes less wire which improves its durability.


It has been tested in over 700 reliability tests, and has far surpassed industry standards to guarantee excellent performance and excellent durability, presenting the best listening and user experience to you.

Noise Cancellation Technology

It has high-quality damping material, and these headphones can absorb the impact of internal acoustic waves on the diaphragm reducing sound distortion and hence improves the clarity and sharpness of the sound that you hear.

Large Range of Frequency

This means you can hear the sound of every spectrum, without missing a beat.

Built with Kevlar Fiber Cable

It has Strong, break-resistant kevlar fibers protected wiring which also extends its lifespan, while braided sleeving prevents tangling. It has end sections that are sheathed in TPE to reduce friction with clothing, preventing annoying noise interference.

Dynamic Bass Technology

It is equipped with an advanced bass technology which is ideal for bass heads

Aesthetic Design

It is equipped with CNC technology and has detailed Cd pattern design which makes it look very appealing and sleek. It can be your ideal musical partner for any time, anywhere.

Equipped with Wired Remote

It comes with three sleek buttons to answer calls, music playback, and volume adjustment. It is fully compatible with Mi phones and most Android devices.

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What Do We like

Experience a new level of music

With these headphones, equipped with noise cancellation technology and the large range of frequency, all you hear is every beat of the music and enter the new world of music and enjoy it to the fullest.


It has passed over 700 reliability tests, which makes it the most durable and strong headsets ever of it’s kind.

Easy Control

With the operation of receiving calls with just one click on the earphone, you no more have to take out your phone for it, hence it makes your life easier.

What We Don’t Like

Average Audio Quality

It does not have very good audio compared to other branded earphones of the same price


MI Earphone is made with very advanced technology and has passed over 700 durability tests which make it strong. It has a very appealing look, but if you are are a true bass head this might not be the perfect choice for you.

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Ambareen Azam

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