Mi Earphone Basic Review

Mi Earphone by Xiaomi Corporation, China-based Consumer Electronics Company, has garnered a reputation for great sound and bass quality. Mi Earphone features a ‘3rd generation balanced damping system’ according to Xiaomi claims. The system creates a transparent sound and ‘metal sound chambers’ created by a 20-step process, according to Xiaomi online reports. Let us look at some of the salient features of Mi Earphone that make it an outstanding consumer product.

In-Line Microphones

The earphone comes with an in-line microphone that makes it convenient for the user to take or make calls while listening to their favorite tunes.

Play/Pause button

User can play or pause the music without taking off the earbuds. This means if you are bumped in your friends while enjoying a music track walking your way to the office, you can easily pause the music and great your friend.

10mm Drivers

Mi Earphones comes with a 10mm drivers offering ultimate sound and bass quality. Most good quality drivers for earphones come in the range of 8.8–12.5mm.

Xiaomi Piston 3

Mi Earphone features a 3rd generation balanced damping system, the newest generation of the Xiaomi acclaimed piston line. The latest model has a sleek body; it is more durable and has a sturdy built. With the latest generation, Xiaomi has also improved on the sound quality by introducing a new balanced damping system. This means the new model now allows music lovers to play music at a relatively loud volume.

Metal Sound Chamber

The Mi Earphone comes with superior bass quality. The earphone composes of an aerospace-grade metal composite layer in-between the two PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) layers. The flexibility of the PET provides balanced output and sound quality throughout all frequency ranges.

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What Do We like

Budget Friendly

The Mi Earphone comes at a fantastic price range, which makes it the most budget-friendly product for music lovers. 


The earphone, unlike its peers, is tangle-free, thanks to Kevlar fiber cable. 

Button in-line remote

With Mi Earphone, Xiaomi has ditched the old ‘Y’ styled button design and embraced a three-button in-line remote for playing, pausing the music, and making calls.

Great Sound Quality

The sound quality of the earphone is quite impressive. It is also light in weight, easy to carry, and delivers amazing sound quality.

Stylish and Sturdy

The earphone is made entirely out of plastic. The textured metallic finish at the back of the earphone housing gives it a stylish appeal. 

What We Don’t Like

No Volume Control Button

The in- line remote doesn’t have features or buttons to control the volume. It also does not have a navigation button to control the playlist.

Limited Compatibility

Mi Earphone is compatible only with the Android devices. 


Mi Earphone is a value for money. It is one of the best earphones available at this price. The quality of voice and sound is superb. The only thing that buyers have to consider while buying the earphone is its durability. The earphone requires careful handling, especially the earbuds and speakers. Final note – only Android users can be benefited with the Mi Earphone. 

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