Leaf Sonic Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Earphones are a necessity nowadays where you have this large smartphone to carry when you are traveling, at the work or gym. The Leaf Sonic Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with mic are a delight to the ears and savior at times. Doesn’t it feel too good to avoid all the hustle going around you and play that favorite old song on loop again and again for the 5th consecutive day as if the world does not exist for you.

Ergonomic design

The earphones are designed in a way that you can wear anywhere whether you are gymming, running, at the office, etc. The hook that is provided along with them does not let them fall and the invisible nano-coating technology provides protection against sweating.

Universal compatibility

The device can be connected to all ios and android smartphones and watches.

6 hours of music playtime

Once the device is fully charged it can be used for the maximum duration of 6 hours and a minimum duration of 4 hours.

Inline remote controls

The buttons on the device can be easily used to answer calls and adjust volume according to your needs.

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What Do We like

Longer battery life

The device is not needed to be charged again and again at frequent intervals. It can run up to 6 hours once it is completely charged.

Easily paired

The device gets easily paired with other ios devices without waiting for s long period of time.

Comfortable earbuds

The earbuds are super comfortable to the ears unlike the other earbuds which are huge and made out of plastic that does not fit into the ear

Loud and clear

The frequency response of this device ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz which provides loud and clear sound especially when you have to zone out and listen to your favorite songs.

Waterproof device

The device is waterproof which means that it does not get affected by water if accidentally spills or falls on it.

Wireless device

The device is wireless which means that you do not have to hold the phone in your hands while other activities. the Bluetooth v5.0 can be paired and used in a range of 10 meters.

Extra earbuds

In case you lose the earbuds or cannot adjust with the already attached ones, the device also has an extra pair for you.

What We Don’t Like

The battery can last longer only at 60 percent volume

Though the battery life is great it can only run-up to that limit if the music is played at 60 percent volume and not above that.

Connectivity issues

The device might face trouble while reconnecting with other smartphones and keep you waiting at times.


A great product according to the mentioned price. The device easily will connect with any ios or android mobile giving you an experience worth remembering. Enjoy your favorite songs and zone out for a while.

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Aarohi Rodi

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