Leaf Force Wireless On Ear Headphone Review

Leaf is building audio products that offer good designs and premium sound quality to make you feel the music in a way that you never have.

The sweat-proof gym friendly Leaf Force Wireless Bluetooth headphones are one of a kind. This headphone is both wired and wireless. It comes with an aux cable, so when you run out of juice, you can plug in and continue to listen. They’ll fit you well. The Padded headband makes it comfortable enough. The 40mm drivers deliver you enriching sound experience. The 25-hour battery life on one charge is excellent for avid music listeners.

Voice Assistant

This headset is a voice assistant enabled. One-touch of a button and any voice assistant such as Siri/Google now/Alexa will open up quickly. This is one of the few headsets that provide this feature at this low price range.

Passive Noise Isolation

This feature helps block the external sounds while you’re listening to music. So that you can be focused on what you’re listening to and not get distracted by anything else because increasing your listening experience is what matters.

Soft Ear Cushions

The headphones come with soft ear cushions, which will make sure that they don’t hurt your ears, even if you listen for longer hours. No more irritating ears. It is a very comfortable and long-lasting cushion.

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What Do We like

Battery Life

This headphone battery life is just insane. It can last up to 25 hours of playback time on one single charge. The standby time of one charge is up to 300 hours. It takes about 3 hours to get charged properly. No interruption anymore. When you run out of battery, the aux cable is there, all you need to do is plug in and ready to go.

Adjustable Ear Cups

The ear cups are adjustable. They can be adjusted up to 180 degrees if you want them to. This is a pretty unique feature at this range of headphones.

Sports Friendly

The Leaf Force wireless Bluetooth headphones are the ideal ones for gym lovers and joggers. The headbands are made in a way that it won’t come off from your head while you’re jogging or doing any other workout at the gym. They are sweat-resistant, so no worrying regarding that. Plus, the change of audio tracks or volumes can be done via the built-in inline remote.

Sound and Deep Bass

These headphones have intense bass. The thumping bass in the songs will make you listen to the beats very clearly. The clarity of this headset is extraordinary. Now you can listen at high volume, and there won’t be a difference in sound quality.

What We Don’t Like


Although the headphone is made to be sport friendly so that it doesn’t come off easily, at the same time it also has quite a tight headband for people who’re listening to music by sitting at a place. After a while, when you take them off, you feel relieved.


This headset has a one year warranty. It has good deep bass, and clarity is fantastic. The battery life will astonish you, and it’s sport friendly is an absolute bonus for gym lovers and joggers.

There are some minor cons in this headset, but if you compare the pros and cons, then the advantages outweigh them. So this is worth buying.

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Koushik Mondal

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