JBL T450 Extra Bass On-Ear Headphone Review

The JBL introduces its T450 on-ear headphones, which provide a plug of 3.5 with a dynamic driver of 32 mm, which punch out seriously powerful bass which you’ve experienced in concert halls, arenas, and recording studios around the world. The device is compatible with audio player, laptop, tablet and Smartphone’s.

The headphone is flat-folding, which helps to carry the product,, and also it makes it convenient for traveling. Tangle-free flat cable equipped with remote and microphones they’re your everyday companion at work, at home, and on the road. Also, it helped to minimize the efforts and time as the person doesn’t have solve knot of headphone

JBL Pure Bass sound

The headphones reproduce bass sound that is deep and powerful. Apart from the sound, the product also includes Headphones, Charging cable, Warning Card, Warranty Card, and Safety Sheet by QSG.

Lightweight and battery life

The headphones are a weight around 145 g, which helps in the portability of the product. The headphone has a dimension 15 x 7.6 x 18.5 cm with 1 A battery. The headphone provides an average battery life of around 11 hours In one charge, which helps to sustain over a long period.

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What Do We like

Quick Access

The headphone provides 1-button remote with the microphone, which helps to switch to call very expeditiously. This helps to answer the urgent call so that you can save time and speed up your other activities. The remote help to quickly Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri so that you can access without even touching the phone.

Tangle-free flat cable

The headphones are made of flat cable, which finally gave a solution to the problem of the tangle (knot). The tangle-free helps to reduce effort and increase the durability of a product. The other option, like woven fabric ( normal headphones), also reduces tangle to a certain extent, but not as much as flat cables.

Dynamic frequency response range

The headphone provides a range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which is standard for headphones sound because below 20 Hz bass, you will not be able to listen sound, only felt by the person, and treble frequencies over 20,000 Hz are not always audible. Also, personage more than 25 cannot be able to listen more than 1800 Hz

What We Don’t Like


Various customers said that although the quality of a product is excellent, the product lacks durability. The product does not have a long shelf life as compared to the price of a product. The company, although try to resolve the issue with the help of features like tangle-free cable and remote control system.


The JBL T450 On-Ear Headphones has a various feature which makes it compelling at the given price range such as lightweight, pure bass sound, and battery life. The product is laced with a tangle-free flat cable and dynamic frequency range. However, the company has to figure out a way to increase its durability

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Yash Jain

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