JBL Free Wireless in Ear Headphone Review

JBL Free Wireless in-Ear Headphones or JBL Free Wireless Earbuds are cordless earphones and you don’t need any kind of wire to listen to your music from this JBL offers. The main target of these earbuds is for the people who do exercise a lot because they might like to listen to music while doing that and in these earphones, there is no cord to slap you in the neck all the time while exercising.

The JBL Free wireless earbuds are very small, lightweight and comfortable especially with the included silicone casings one can put on. Pairing it with your device is hassle-free and doesn’t require much effort. The right earbud is the one that connects directly to your phone and also it is the only earbud that is required while calling. The left earbud connects to the right one.


It has few features like A singular click on the right earbud will pause or resume the music or will end a call, A double click on the same earbud hale’s in Siri or Google depending on your OS. A single click on the left earbud skips a track in the audio album and a double click will bring you back to the track.

A triple-click on any earbud will reset the connection between the two earbuds. So, these are some functions that one needs to know before using it. And once you get eased out by the use of these earbuds, you will find them awesome.

Good sound quality

These earphones have perfect sound quality. You can hear any kind of music with it whether it be high bass music, low bass music, clear vocals, jazz or hip hop music. These earbuds work pretty excellently in playing all kinds of music.

Excellent build quality

The build quality is definitely worth an honorable mention. The earbuds are IPX5 certified means that they are perfectly suitable for a person doing an intense workout. They are sweat and water-resistant. Along with the earbuds, USB cord and charger, you get three pairs of ear tips to tailor it to the size of your ear and to gel for the sleeves.

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What Do We like

Cheaper in the market

The earphones are a little costly. But, Hey! These earphones are as good as airpods and it is a tough competitor to all the other wireless in-ear headphones.

Excellent sound quality

These earphones provide amazing sound quality and it doesn’t matter what kind of music or what genre you are hearing. They provide amazing bass and amazing vocals.

Sweat and water-resistant

These earphones are IPX5 certified which means that they can sustain water and sweat conditions. They don’t easily wear and tear as they have excellent build quality.

Bluetooth range stability

When it comes to the connection of these earbuds to your device, they provide a service that is quite decent. They have a pretty decent Bluetooth stability and its range

What We Don’t Like

Short battery life

The earphones have two to four hours of continuous playback and the charging case has 20 hours of backup power.

No volume control on the earbuds

This is a minor setback in these earbuds as they don’t have the volume controls on the side of the earbuds. If they would have provided it, then they surely would have been an excellent choice at this price.


Overall, these earphones are of pretty good quality and have a strong build quality. These earphones are strong and water-resistant. Battery life is also pretty decent and it gives a tough competition in the market.

If you are a person who loves to listen to music while working out then these earphones are a steal buy for you. You can buy them without giving a second thought.

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