JBL E55BT Signature Sound Over-Ear Headphone Review

JBL is an American company that has been involved in manufacturing audio equipment like earphones, speakers, amplifiers, etc. They have an estimate of 12,000 employees worldwide, and they are one of the leading brands that deal with audio equipment manufacturing. JBL E55BT is an excellent pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that became the flagship in the new JBL E-series.

The built quality of these headphones are fantastic and give serious competition to all the other headphones in the market. They are lightweight as they are made of nice plastic. They are also available in different colors like: blue, white, red.


It is very lightweight, probably because of its durable and long-lasting plastic. It is very much recommended to you if you wear headphones for a long duration. It has a comfort fit fabric headband. The ear-cups have leather cushions and will fit very nicely.

Bluetooth 4.0

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0. When one is using the Bluetooth option, there are multiple controls on the headphones. On the right-hand side, there are controls for the power, Bluetooth, volume up and down. It also has the main button to manage the music and incoming calls.


The durability of these headphones is outstanding. These headphones are very tough and won’t break easily while stretching them. If it doesn’t fit you, then you can easily extend them, and that part is made of solid plastic. These earphones will surely live for a long time as they are of good quality.

Provides ease to customers

It has the option of folding the E55BT, which makes it easier to take it with you while traveling. It has a tangle free cable, which is 3.5 mm long so that you can connect the headphones with your phone whenever one wants a battery backup. Just plug it in and enjoy your music.

On the left-hand side, there is only one connection, and this is for your micro USB cable to charge your headphone. When you start charging the headphones with the USB cable, you will see a red LED. That’s the confirmation sign that your headphone is charging.

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What Do We like

Value for money

The headphones that are as good as these are hard to find at a price under INR 10,000

Excellent sound quality

These headphones provide an excellent sound. The vocals are clear, and the highs are actually lovely. The bass is delightful for daily use.

Flat Wire

This particular headphone is provided with flat wires so that they don’t get easily tangled. And they stay tangled free even when in your pocket or your drawer. The flat cable is 3.5 mm long.

Long Battery Life

When one opts for a Bluetooth option, it shows you a blue LED, and it will last for at least 20 hours. After this, you have to charge it for 2 hours to enjoy the 16 hours audio playback. This kind of battery backup is pretty amazing.

Over-ear headphones

These headphones are over-ear, which means you don’t feel any extra pressure while wearing them. It provides noise isolation as they are over-ear headphones. You can wear it for a long time, and they neither get too hot nor too cold.

What We Don’t Like

It doesn’t have NFC

NFC (Near-field Communication), which enables two electronic devices to connect when you bring them close enough. The other competitors of these headphones have the NFC option at this price. So, it is a letdown that they don’t have NFC.

Not provided with extra bass

If you are a person who enjoys heavy bass, then these headphones are not for you because it is made for people who like a balanced sound profile with a medium bass.


It is a good deal for Bluetooth headphones with a crisp sound and an excellent design. They do a good job in terms of noise isolation, battery life, and a comfortable fit.

It is an excellent option for a person who likes to wear headphones for hours, and the battery life is impressive.

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