iBall Musi Sporty Wireless Sports Headset Review

iBall is an Indian consumer electronics company that started in 2001. It is a trusted brand across the nation and manufactures a wide range of electronics like headphones, speakers, desktop accessories, laptops and tablets, and much more. One of those trustworthy products is their earphones.

iBall Musi Sporty Wireless Sports earphones are the most popular ones from iball, and its quality is outstanding.  It has Bluetooth technology and is sporty and athletic. It has some sure like eye-catching features and is an excellent product.

Supreme Quality

iBall Musi Sporty Wireless Sports earphones have rich acoustics. It gives a pleasing stereo music experience. The headset comes with Multi-point technology. It can connect two Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously. It has a Bluetooth range of up to 10 m.

Long Battery Life

Musi BT19 has a Built-in rechargeable battery. It requires up to 2 hours of charging time. The Lithium Polymer battery’s charging is to be done through USB. It has a playtime of about four to six hours. The standby time is approximately 150 hours.

Effortless Convenience

The headset is an ideal choice for athletes. The headset has a firm grip because of the magnetic earbud. The magnetic earbuds allow ease for strong movements. The headset has Flat Cables to minimize the hassles of tangling. The length of the cord is 64 cm.

Control Board

iBall Musi Sporty Wireless Sports Headset comes with an in-built microphone. It enables easy hands-free calling. To add to further convenience, the headset has a control board with multiple options. The button controls volume and Multimedia, making it user-friendly.

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What Do We like

Sports Friendly

Musi BT19 is an athletic pick. Physical activities like jogging, workout, walking, cycling, skating, etc. can be done with the utmost convenience. The headset is wireless and uses Bluetooth technology with a 10 m range, making it the perfect sports companion.

Cozy Fit

The earphones are designed to be very comfortable yet good looking. They have Magnetic earbuds – ensuring a firm hold and greater ease. They have angular earbuds, making them very comfortable to fit in. The wires have flat cable, so there won’t be tangles and unnecessary hassle.

What We Don’t Like

Battery Life

The battery life can be inadequate. It might wear off over time.


iBall Musi Sporty Wireless Sports Headset is an athletic earphone. It is light-weight, durable, and the product is worth the money. The earbuds are a perfect fit, and the wires are tangle-free.

The Bluetooth connectivity is stable. The performance will not let you down. The headset will surely be a good buy.

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Hetavi Rudani

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