iBall Focal in Ear Wired Earphone Review

iBall is India’s topmost tech accessory brand. iball product is quality-oriented. The company has a huge variety of hi-tech products. One of those products is its collection of premium quality earphones.

The iball focal in-ear wired earphone has the best of iball’s features. It is made from the best of its technology with best materials. It is surely comfortable and durable.

The earphone has all the features required in a perfect earphone. The vocals are very clean and the features provide convenience.

Quality Components

Made with the best quality components the iBall Focal has flat cables for a tangle-free musical experience. The entire body comprises a textured matte finish and full-metal components. And the earphones have UV Coated full-metal housing with a matte finish.

In-Line microphone

iBall Focal has an in-built microphone. This will enable no-hassle hands-free calling. The device has an omnidirectional microphone. The headset has 3-button remote control to conveniently control volume and multimedia.

Clear vocals

With a frequency response of 20-20 kHz and sensitivity of 93 ± 3 dB, the earphones reproduce crystal clear sound. The bass is deep and crisp. The earphones can reciprocate loud sounds effortlessly.


The headset has soft silicone earbuds. The earbuds give a great fit. Silicone is smooth and will cause no irritation. The cables are a flat ad that will ensure comfortable use. The cable wires have a long enough length, ensuring no unnecessary tugging or unexpected pullout from the audio jack

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What Do We like

Heavy bass

The iBall Focal has the ability to give out loud and heavy bass. The sound is good enough to get you grooving to the beats.

Sound isolation

The iBall Focal has good quality sound isolation. The earphone will provide a zen experience. An unwanted backdrop will be blocked with precision. This will give a complete disturbance-free listening experience.

Great sound

With the high precision and trustworthy technology from iball, the audio quality is excellent. The reciprocation is perfect, if not even better than a generic quality audio system.

What We Don’t Like

Imbalance from the bass.

The bass is definitely great. However, it can sometimes overpower other sounds. The lower frequency sounds are given less priority here.


iBall Focal Earphones are of supreme quality. They have crisp, crystal clear audio reciprocation. They are tough, durable and made in the most convenient way possible. They are comfortable and fit in just right. You can listen to music and talk hands-free all day without hesitation as the silicone won’t irritate the ears at all.

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Hetavi Rudani

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