iBall EarWear Sporty Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

iball is India’s home growth tech accessory brand that imports computer peripherals, smartphones, and tablets from original equipment manufactures.

iball earwear sports wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology and are perfect for sports and workouts. It is made to bring life into your music and to provide you the best audio facility and have the battery backup of 3-4 hours. It has an angular shape and available in black, green, and yellow cool trendy colors.


This provides you with the facility of connecting it with the Bluetooth technology as it is wireless. It is more suitable to use without facing any kind of wire tangled problem

Angular Design

The headset has a unique angular design, which makes them more comfortable to fit into to ears so that the user may not find any discomfort while enjoying music. It is fabricated with dual-tone flat cables.

Supreme Sound Quality

It has impressive sound quality and gives a suitable touch to your audio experience. It works effectively.

Magnetic Earbuds

It has magnetic earbuds that allow for a firm hold for greater ease, especially for sporty persons.

Easy to Connect

It is effortless to connect the headset with any smartphones. Users only have to press and hold the power button for 3-4 seconds.

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What Do We like

Redefining ‘Convenience’ Effortlessly

The angular earbuds on allows for the coziest fit ever! It is very beneficial for sportspersons like athletes, fitness enthusiasts, the one who is on forever move. It remains sticks to the ear as the dreams of one person.

Non-Stop Calls and Music

It is convenient to receive calls while listening to music. The users do not have to reach to their phones to accept or reject the calls as they can do this through the microphone buttons.


It provides the ultimate comfort to the users. There will be no pain in the ears of the user because of its angular earbuds, and the person will feel as if they are specially made for him.

Handy to Control

It is very easy to operate and strategically locate the volume, and multimedia controls help the user to control their music and calls quickly.

What We Don’t Like

Inadequate Bass

It does not provide the extra thump to the music. One cannot enjoy the good bass effect. The bass also overcomes the treble.


iball ear-buds sporty wireless headset has an outstanding quality with effective sound quality. It provides the perfect audio experience.

It is comfortable headsets with the classy looks and is user-friendly. It also gives the in-built mic facility. It has an angular design ear-buds which comfortably fits in the ears of the users.

It is designed by keeping in mind the sportspersons, fitness lovers, or those who are continuously on the move, although it is very much user-friendly but has a poor base and quite uncomfortable.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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