iball ColorFlow52 Earphone Review

iBall is India’s home-grown tech accessory brand that imports computer peripherals, smartphones, and tablets from original manufacturers.

iBall Colorflow 52 is an earphone made to bring life into your music and to provide you the best audio experience. It comfortably fits in your ear as it is made in a unique angular shape. It is available in cool trendy colors.

Unique Angular Design

The earphones have a unique angular design, which makes the headset comfortably fit into your ears so that you never feel any sort of discomfort while enjoying music, and your ears will not pain. You will feel as the earphones are just made for you only.

Soft Silicon Earbuds

The soft silicone earbuds of the earphones make it more comfortable. It does not isolate sound. It is washable and more durable than other earbuds. It is soft to wear, and it does not dig into the ear canal. There is no chance of earphones to come out from the ears.

In-Line Push Button Control with Mic

With the help of in-line push-button control with the mic, you can use the earphone to receive calls as well as listening and enjoying music. You can easily receive and end calls from the earphones by just pushing the button on your earphones without touching your phone.

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What Do We like

Awesome Audio Quality

It has awesome audio quality and provides a perfect touch to your audio experience. Its sound clarity is very classic. It works very effectively and produces dynamic and balanced audio. The sound is soothing and natural.

TPE Braided Cable

The earphones come with TPE braided cable, which makes the headset durable. There is no chance of any damage to the wire, which makes it long-lasting. The cable design is classy, stylish, and fashionable.


It provides the ultimate comfort to the user. There will be no pain in the ear while using the earphones because of its angular design and silicon earbuds. 1.15m cable gives the freedom to keep the audio device wherever the user wants.

In-Built Mic with Push Button Control

It is very much handy to receive calls while listening to music. You don’t have to reach your phone to receive or reject calls, as you can do it through the microphone button. You can use the earphone’s mic while receiving any call; there is no need to take your mouth near the phone’s in-built microphone.

What We Don’t Like

Poor Base

It doesn’t provide the extra thump to the music. One cannot enjoy a good bass effect. The bass also overcomes the treble.


iBall Colorflow 52 earphones have very good quality. The quality of the sound is very balanced. It provided a perfect audio experience. It is a comfortable earphone and has a classy look.

It comes with TPE braided cable. It provides the in-built mic facility. It has an angular design, and it is durable, but apart from all its positives, it has quite a poor bass.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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