boAt Nirvanaa UNO Wired Earphones Review

Some renowned personality once said, “Music is an expression of humanity; it’s something we are all touched by, no matter what culture we are from, we all love music.” There are even researches going on about its therapeutic potentials, and in the same run, it is a proven fact that it strengthens the connection between mind and soul. Well, Boat Nirvana is back with, “UNO Wired Earphones With Mic And Case (black).”

To invest in this is just like investing in your mental health.  It gives a highly appreciable output, and its black in color is another icing to the cake. Also, the earphones are a classic combination of performance and style, and this is something every music lover would get fascinated by.


The earphones, along with its black color is a fashion statement, and also, it’s exemplary designs fit with one’s personality, giving them a wonderful and fun lived music time making no compromises with the audio quality.

Carrying case

Issues regarding the earphones getting tangled arises even when they are not in use, hence to provide a solution to one such problem, the device is equipped with a case to store them.

Gold plated jack

Gold is resistant metal towards corrosion or in better words, oxidation; thus, the gold platted 3.5mm Jack enables one with the corrosion-free environment and allows the signals to pass through in a much better and healthy environment.

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What Do We like

Dynamic Drivers

It’s dynamic drivers allow one to listen to music for long hours with absolute comfort one craves for while buying any device.


The inline microphones allow the user to play, pause, stop, and even attend to calls in a noise-free and user-friendly environment.


It is equipped with a superior coated cable that allows one from protection against damages or corrosion.

What We Don’t Like

High volume and tangling

Audio output at high volumes isn’t much clear and thus isn’t suitable for high pitched or volumed songs, and also, in the interim, you need to be careful about the tangling of wires.


The earphones are extremely cost-effective, easy to use, and maintain. They are built in a manner such that it provides a user-friendly environment. It comes with a one year warranty and is the immediate suggestion to people looking for earphones that gives a high-quality sound and at the same time, cost-effective.

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Hari Priya

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