Bass Evolution Stark Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

Wired and Wireless Audio Products, Bass Evolution design & bring the best audio products to its consumers. The design experts, professionals, and sound engineers aim to make the best products with the latest technology in Bass Evolution.

These Bass Evolution Stark earbuds are the best of the best. The pair connect automatically and comes with a charging case. The premium sound quality will soothe your ears.

It is splash resistant and fits properly, which means perfect for jogging or gym. Battery life won’t trouble you either. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology reduces the audio lag to minimal, whether you’re playing music or game.

One Button Control

This Earbud has only one button control in it. With the help of this button, you can do various tasks. Such as you can control your music, like play/pause the track or maybe skip the track altogether. You can also attend your calls, cut the call. It delivers what you need.

Noise Isolation

The Noise Isolation feature of these earbuds is pretty advanced for this price range. They will block up to 90% of the background noise and will let you focus on your audio track. It works perfectly in crowded places.

Sweat, Splash and Dust Proof

These Stark earbuds are sweat, splash, and dustproof. You can work out, and it won’t be all sweaty. Just a bit of water won’t ruin the earbuds. And the dust we have on the roads of India will not be able to do any harm either.

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What Do We like

Ultimate HD Sound

The Sound quality of these little earbuds is insane. They are not only very loud but also crystal clear vocals and very deep bass as well. Perfect for people who love to listen to music. High bass is great for the songs with the beat and crisp, sharp vocals lets you listen to the melodious songs peacefully.

Sports Design

The 45-degree angled earbuds will fit perfectly to your ears. They are engineered in such a way so that you can go jogging while wearing them or can workout. They will not come off from your ear or won’t cause any discomfort, either.

Battery Life

Battery Life of these earbuds is not an issue. A single full charge will provide you with 5 hours of music playback or talk time. The charging case that comes with it can charge this earbud for three more additional times. Which makes the total battery life of these earbuds are of 20 hours. This will make your whole day easily.

Auto Connect

These Earbuds pair automatically to your phone. And when you take them out from the case, they will connect automatically to your smartphone. You will not have to do that manually anymore. Just put them in your ear and start listening.

Master-Slave Switching

This innovative technology called Master-Slave Switching provides a similar connection to both the earbuds reducing the signal interruption.

What We Don’t Like

There were no major or minor cons were found in this product.


These Stark Earbuds are a pretty great deal at this price range. The ultimate sound, longer battery life to auto-connecting, and making it easy to use in daily life. Made for Indian conditions and isolates the background noise properly. This is a good value of money. Must buy this one.

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Koushik Mondal

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