Audio-Technica SonicSport in-Ear Headphone Review

It’s Audio Technica; they rarely fail to deliver the best product. With its powerful 8.5mm driver and a frequency response of 20-25000hz, this earphone has it all.

Earbuds come in various sizes so that it fits most of the people comfortably. The volume buttons to play/pause a track. Advanced ear hooks let you do sports activities while wearing them. This one has Noise isolation in it.

Ear Buds

The earbuds that come with it are of 3 different sizes, which are S/M/L. You can customize this, and it will rightly fit your ear without causing any problem. You’ll be comfortable while wearing this.


This earphone has a built-in microphone. The quality of this mic is pretty decent. It transmits the audio properly to other people that we’re talking to so they can hear us properly.

Volume Buttons

The controls that are on these earphones lets you do some basic functions. It will allow you to answer/end calls without taking out your phone. You can play/pause your music track. Also, you could go to the next/previous track of the music using this button.

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What Do We like

Sport Fit

This earphone is the perfect choice for joggers, or if you’re going to the gym or maybe working out. The Advanced Snap-on ear hooks that come with it are made for this. It will rightly fit your ear, and it will make you comfortable. Plus, if you’re jogging or working out, the earphones won’t come out from your ears.

Noise Isolation

These pocket-friendly earphones has Noise isolation feature. They block the external sounds while you’re listening to your music tracks, so you can be focused only on the music at that time. It blocks up to 60-70% of the background noise, which is pretty good for this price range.

Sound and Bass

These earphones have Clear, crisp vocals, vibrant and detailed mid-tones. Great for low tones songs; also, you’ll feel the melody. Bass is somewhat decent on this product. Not the worst, but it’ll do for this price.

What We Don’t Like

No major or minor cons were found in this product.


This earphone comes with a 2-year warranty. The noise isolation feature is premium at this price range. It is a Sports fit and has the right equipment for it. Decent product all over. Music listeners should go for it as it will never let u down.

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Koushik Mondal

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