Audio-Technica ATH-COR150BK In-Ear Headphone Review

Audio Technica is a Japanese company that makes headphones, microphones, and also other audio equipment. Audio Technica pioneer in high-performance sound design.

These Audio Technica ATH earphones are very latest. They come tangle-free and with three sized earbuds. Snap-on/off ear hooks are a new addition to a headset of this range, but it seems decent. The bass is this earphones trump card. Plus, the pouch that comes with it is convenient. 

Ear Buds

These earphones come with different sizes of earbuds with it. Starting from Small, Medium, and Large-sized silicone ear tips are included in it. So you can set the earbuds according to your comfort level.

Tangle Free

The thin wires of these earphones are tangle-free. No time is wasting while untangling them. This is one feature that every earphone/headphone must contain. It saves a lot of time in daily life.

Cord Wrap Pouch

You need a space to store these earphones, right? Well, no more worries. They come with a small pouch in which you can store the earphones with easy. The Cord Wrap is also included in it. What it does is it lets you easily organize and store your cables.

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What Do We like

Ultimate Bass

These earphones can produce an impressive bass response. The bass is heavy and high for EDM, metal songs, etc. Bass lovers’ first choice should be this earphone. At this price, you’ll be getting thumping bass as well as low mid-tones.

Ear Hooks

The new addition to the earphones are they come with Snap-on, Snap-off two oval hangers for better fitting to your ears. And not only just better, it also makes you more comfortable than ever. You can Snap them on if you feel like doing any kind of activity, and also, you can Snap them off if you want a more traditional look.

Loudness and Clarity

The loudness of this earphone is amazing. It has no active noise cancellation, so it doesn’t block the external sounds, right? But these earphones are so loud that if you listen to something at a high enough volume, you won’t be able to hear what’s going on outside. Yes, insanely loud, I know. And the clarity is superb. Crisp vocals are very good to listen to.

What We Don’t Like

Thin Wires

The cable of these earphones is very thin and tends to break a lot. Although they are tangle-free, the quality of these wires could have been updated a bit more.


This earphone from Audio Technica is a pocket-friendly earphone for music and bass lovers. It’s got great bass; clear vocals come with three different sizes of ear tips for your comfort. 1-year warranty on the product. Very loud at any given place. At this price, it’s worth giving a shot.

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Koushik Mondal

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