1More True Wireless E1026BT-GOLD Review

1More was founded on the vision that exceptional music reproduction should be as ubiquitous as the music itself is available to everyone, everywhere.

1More headphones continue to raise the game, consistently breaking new ground. They are one of the trusted brands in India. These wireless earbuds from 1More are something you must have.

The Dynamic driver’s performance will blow your mind first, and then it’s quick charging will come to rescue when you’re in a rush, yet you need your earbuds to be charged. The noise cancellation will let you talk peacefully, and you can connect this little beast on more than one device at once.

Dynamic Driver

The 7 mm Dynamic Driver with Titanium composite balances the thumping bass and the sharp vocals. The extra powerful bass is very detailed in these earbuds. The ultra high definition sound and the clarity is impressive.

Multi-Functional Controls

Both of the earbuds have controls on them. Each one of them is assigned to different tasks. The controls on the right bud can be used for Music playback purposes, such as play/pause the track. And the controls of the left earbud are used for activating voice assistant and for receiving calls.

ENC Microphone

The Micro electro-mechanical system microphone that has been used in these earbuds is of excellent quality. They are very sensitive, catch the voice very quickly. And they come with environmental Noise Cancellation. The noise cancellation feature is so good that in crowded places, you can have your conversation peacefully.

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What Do We like

Battery Life

These small little earbuds can provide such a great battery life that is beyond imagination. They will give you 6.5 hours of playback/talk time. With the charging case that comes with it, the battery life will be extended up to 24 hours. The case can charge the earbuds for about three times. Pretty handy case if you ask me.

Quick Charging

We all value our time, don’t we? you wouldn’t want your earbuds to keep you waiting, right? This Wireless earbud charges pretty quickly. 15 min of charging will provide you with three hours of playback time. And it takes about 40 minutes to charge it fully.

Multiple Pairing

Now you can connect your earbuds to various devices at the same time. With the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it is made that easy for these earbuds.

Sound and Bass

These wireless earbuds come with Qualcomm aptX audio technology and AAC hi-res transmission, which are compatible with Android and IOS both. The ultra high definition sound that it delivers is non-comparable. The sharpness and clarity of vocals are unmatched. Must have for avid music listeners.

What We Don’t Like

Volume Controls

The controls on the left and right earbuds do everything apart from volume controlling. You can’t do that on these earbuds. Need to do that from the smartphone.


The 1More wireless earbuds are a great product as of now. The audio and bass quality is noncomparable, as we said before. The sleek design gives it a premium touch and classy look.

Noise cancellation is fantastic as ever. Charging couldn’t be any faster than this. This is a must-have earbud if you have the budget for it.

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Koushik Mondal

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