Lifelong LLPCW18 Cordless Hair Straightener Review

Lifelong Company excels in manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting products in the market. It has a wide range of versatile designs in kitchen appliances as well as in beauty products. It offers innovative hair care products like straighteners, dryers, and curlers. Lifelong LLPCW18 Cordless Hair Straightener comes in a compact shape and sleek design. It is a cordless product that operates with a rechargeable battery.

Cordless Straightener

This straightener operates on a battery, which can be charged anywhere using a USB charger. It has no cord attached for external power connection, and it makes this straightener much easier to use. The users don’t have to face any problems connecting it with power sources.

Long Use

It takes a maximum of 4 hours to get this straightener fully charged. Once it is fully charged, it can be used for a long time as well. It can be operated consistently for 45 minutes.

Versatile Temperature Control

It has a variable and versatile temperature control feature. The temperature can be adjusted to 165, 185, or 205 degrees according to the requirement of the hair. It suits best for curly, frizzy, and rough hair. That is why it is a versatile product.

Quick Heating

The plates of this straightener heat up quickly within seconds. It provides easy and quick styling as well. It saves the time of the users, so they don’t have to wait much for the plates to get ready for use.

Handle Lock

The handle lock feature of this straightener makes it compact and adjustable. It can be adjusted to any small handbag during traveling. This lock system facilitates to protect the plates from getting damaged as well.

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What Do We like

Auto-Shut Off

The straightener automatically shuts off when it is not used for 40 minutes. There are no overheating risks in this product because of this feature. It helps to protect the hair as well as the scalp from excessive heat of the plates.

Battery Display

The visual display unit of this straightener provides the battery percentage on the screen. It helps users to monitor the percentage during use and to charge the battery on time when it is about to end.

Easy Usage

This product can be used quite easily because it has no complex features in it. It requires minimal maintenance. It is a user-friendly product that is suitable and can be used by any new user as well.

What We Don’t Like

The size of the heating plates is smaller than usual.


Lifelong LLPCW18 Cordless Hair Straightener has a very handy and compact design. It comes with a one-year company warranty in the market. This straightener is more efficient than the traditional straighteners in the market because it is cordless, and it can be used anywhere conveniently. The battery timing and the efficiency of the plates are remarkable as well.

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