IKonic Pro Straight Hair Straightener Review

The IKonic company offers a variety of hair products, including hairdryers, straighteners, and curlers. The quality and performance of its products are much better than a lot of other brands in the market. It has durability and longevity in its products. IKonic Pro Straight Hair Straightener comes in a compact size and black color. It has an elegant and straight design, which gives it an amazing look.

Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

The plates of this straightener are made up of tourmaline coated with ceramic material. The far-infrared heat emitted by these plates eliminates any frizz or roughness from the hair. It provides even distribution of heat across the hair to give them a smooth and shiny look.

LED Display

The LED indicator explains the working condition of the straightener. When it is turned on, the LED light indicates its working, and it provides a better user experience as well.

Adjustable Temperature Range

It operates at a variety of temperature ranges. The temperature ranging from 150ºC to 230ºC can be utilized by this product. It allows users to adjust the temperature condition according to the requirement of their hair.

Advanced Technology Heaters

This straightener uses professional PTC and dual ceramic heaters for rapid heat-up requirements. It saves time for the users, and they don’t have to wait much longer for the plates to heat up. The rapid heat recovery feature is a unique addition to this product.

Multipurpose Functioning

The beveled edges of this straightener allow users to straighten or curl their hairs quite easily. Any sort of hairstyling and volumizing can be achieved using this straightener.

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What Do We like

Floating Plates

The auto-adjustable floating plates in this straightener provide easy gliding through the hair without facing any tangles. It reduces the chances of gaps or hair pulling during straightening.

360º Swivel Cord

The swivel cord attached to this straightener can rotate at 360 degrees. It has a length of 9 feet, which allows users to connect the product with long-distant power sources quite easily.

Auto Shut Off

When the plates get enough heat from the heaters, the straightener turns off automatically to prevent overheating. It is an advanced measure that protects not only hair but the scalp as well.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


IKonic Pro Straight Hair Straightener has been designed using the latest technology and high-quality material. It has a durable design that ensures longevity. The heating mechanism integrated into this product is state of the art. It requires minimal time to heat up and get ready for use. The swivel cord attached to this straightener is heat safe, durable, and rotating as well.

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