IKonic Gleam Rose Hair Straightener Review

IKonic company is one of the best manufacturers of hair care products. It has a versatile range of hair straighteners and hair dryers that come with distinguished features. The performance and longevity of its products are outstanding. IKonic Gleam Hair Straightener comes in a rose gold color and an elegant design. It has precisely designed super slim plates that provide even distribution of heat across the hair and straighten them precisely.

Rose Gold Plates

Thee rose gold plates of this straightener emit far-infrared heatwaves that bring smoothness among the hair. It allows straightener to glide through the hair quite gently. The wide span of the plates makes it suitable for lengthy hair.

Optimal Temperature

The heat waves emitted by gold rose plates can reach an optimum temperature of 230ºC. It is the most feasible temperature for almost any category of hair. The complex and fizzy hair can be straightening easily by this temperature.

Quick Heat Up

It takes minimal time to heat up. the users don’t have to wait much longer for the plates to get ready for usage. It outperforms the traditional straighteners in its quick and speedy performance.

Auto Shut Off

The auto shut off feature of the straightener helps to save power as well. It also protects users from overheating effects. The hair remains protected and the heat of the straightener doesn’t affect the scalp as well.

Multi-Purpose use

It has been elegantly designed so that the users can use it for multiple purposes. It facilitates in hair straightening, hair styling, and volumizing as well.

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What Do We like

LED Indicator

The LED indicator integrated into this straightener brings ease in the operation. The users can monitor the operating temperatures and conditions via LED light. It helps to understand and operate the functions of the straightener better.

Heat Safe Cord

The cord attached to the straightener has been specially designed so that it cannot be affected by the heat of the plates. It is a long cord that allows users to connect the straightener with distant power sources as well.

Easy to Use

This straightener has been designed for convenience and any new users can experience this product easily. It has no complex features that cannot be understood easily.

Compact Design

The design of this straightener is handy and compact. It is durable enough and can be carried away during traveling. It can be adjusted in a handbag quite easily.

What We Don’t Like

Heavy in weight and can hurt hands if held for long.


IKonic Gleam Rose Hair Straightener has a durable design. Its performance is better than a lot of other straighteners in the market. It provides a better user experience because it has an auto shut off button adjusted in itself. It can be heated up to 230ºC easily so the users can use it for any category of hair.

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