Vega Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer Review

Vega Company treats its clients like a king and queen and believes that they deserve the best always. They make the most innovative products for you. Their range of products includes hair dryers, hair straightener, trimmers, etc. Vega has manufactured Vega Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer which is one of the most innovative products.

This product has the best design with an attractive outer surface. The product is simple to operate. Below we’ve highlighted further details about the products.

Heat setting

This dryer has a cool and heat setting feature. The hot air feature will help you in drying the hair faster while cool air will help you in the precise styling of your hair.

Cable guard

The dryer has a cable guard that protects the cable from breaking. With a cable guard, your product will serve you for a longer time.


Vega Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer gets its power via a power cable. The cable is long to give you sufficient working space. It is also well insulated for shock or injury protection.


This dryer operates with a voltage range of 220-240V.


The dryer gives out a power of 1100 Watts. This power is sufficient for your hair to be dried in a few minutes. With this power, you will have a gentle drying of your hair which causes no damage.

Detachable end cap

This product is fitted with a detachable end cap which can be easily removed for cleaning. Cleaning your dryer will minimize overheating which can cause damage or injury.

Safety automatic-overheat cut-out

Additionally, for your safety and device protection, this product comes with a safety automatic-overheat cut-out. This feature will switch off the product when a certain temperature is reached.

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What Do We like


This product weighs about 500 grams making it simple to operate with it. The lightweight feature will also make it simple to travel with it.

Foldable handle

With the foldable handle, this product will have a compact design. With a compact design, it will be simple to store the product in a small space. Also, it will be easier to travel with it because it will properly fit in a handbag.


Vega Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer comes with a warranty of two years.

Hanging loop

This dryer is fitted with a hanging loop which will make it simple for you to store the product in a place that you can conveniently access.

Thin concentrator

The dryer has a thin concentrator which will direct the air in the desired area for better and exact styling.

Easy to operate

Vega Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer has buttons that are well labeled for easier understanding.


This product cost is low making it more affordable to people.

What We Don’t Like

Not best for thick and dense hair


Vega Galaxy 1100 Hair Dryer has amazing features that make it suitable for you. They include safety automatic-overheat cut-out, foldable handle, cord guard and others. Additionally, the product is budget-friendly therefore you will not overspend. With an attractive design and a warranty of 2 years makes this product suitable for you.

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