Rozia HC8307 Hair Dryer Review

Rozia brand is known for manufacturing hair dryers, hair curlers, shaver, and other products associated with beauty. The company supplies products that are made using genuine materials & best-quality to give a fantastic outcome to customers.

Rozia HC8307 hairdryer is one of the best hair dryers by Rozia. This dryer is available in black color. The product is built using sturdy materials. It’s made to give the best to every client.

Heat & speed setting

The product is fitted with three heat settings & two-speed settings, which are easily varied to give the best outcome. The three heat settings include hot, warm, and cool, and the speed includes high and low settings.

Cord guard

With a cord guard, you will be able to use your dryer freely. The cord guard will protect your cable from breaking.

Detachable concentrator

Rozia HC8307 hair dryer comes with two concentrators that can be fixed in your hairdryer to suit your hair state. The concentrator will allow you to focus air to a specific point to enable you to have a specific styling.

Cool shot

With a cool shot feature, the dryer will be able to release cool air, which you will comfortably use to set your hairstyle in-place & keep one’s hair in shape.


Rozia HC8307 operates with a power of 3000 Watts. This will give you a fast-drying experience.

Removable filter

With a detachable air-filter, you will be able to keep the dryer operating at peak efficiency & it is simple to clean the accumulated dirt.

Power cord

Rozia HC8307 has a power cable that measures two meters long. This will give you sufficient space to operate on. The cable is strongly made with insulation, which will prevent you from electric shock.

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What Do We like

Easy to operate

This product’s control buttons are well placed for easier reach and access. They are easily pressed with comfort.


The dryer has a lightweight design, which makes it comfortable for operating with one handle without feeling fatigued. The lightweight design makes it simple to carry.

Hang loop

Rozia HC8307 comes with a hang loop that is placed below the handle. The hanging loop makes it simple and fast to store and retrieve the product.

Best outcomes

With this hair dryer, you will have a professional drying & styling of a high standard. The product creates glamorous hairstyles, which makes you look attractive.

Anti-slip hand grip

This product has a well-designed anti-slip handle, which gives you a comfortable handgrip.


This product is cheaper and worth buying.

What We Don’t Like

This product has a bigger volume, and its handle is not foldable; hence it is bulkier.


In conclusion, this product comes with a detachable air filter, which will allow you to clean the dryer. When a dryer is well maintained, it will give you an efficient and longer service time. The hanging loop will enable you to easily store the product. With a flexible set of speed and heat, you will be able to change it to suit your drying and styling process.

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