Remington Pro D2042 Hair Dryer Review

Remington Company is a worldwide famous brand that makes beauty equipment for both males and females. The brand has won many awards due to its best quality products. The company has been there for a long time and this Remington Pro D2042 Hair Dryer is manufactured by the Remington brand is one of the company’s most-liked hairdryers.

This dryer is available in blue and red colors. The product is strongly made therefore it will stay for long. It’s available in a compact design and hence it can be stored in a small space.

Ionic generator

This dryer comes with an Ionic generator which will protect you against frizz & dried-out hair. The in-built ion generator gives 90 percent extra ions which prevent frizz via sealing your hair cuticle and making your hair smooth.

Temperature setting

This dryer has three temperature settings which include cool, warm and hot. High heat will dry your hair very fast while cool air will dry your hair slowly. Cool air and low speed are best for styling your hair and making it perfect.

Cool shot

This dryer is fitted with a cool shot button which gives out a blast of cool air to maintain your appearance all day.

Thin concentrator

Remington Pro D2042 Hair Dryer comes with a narrow air-concentrator which is best for accuracy in styling to sleek-hair or making voluminous roots.


It also comes with a diffuser that will improve your normal curls & waves with a gentle drying to your hair using a diffuser attachment.

Detachable air-filter

Remington Pro D2042 has a detachable air filter that will assist your dryer to operate at the greatest efficiency & is simple to clean.

Power cord

This device has a power cord which will give you the freedom of movement for simple styling. The cord is insulated perfectly to prevent shock injuries.


This product operates with a voltage supply of 120V.

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What Do We like

Hang loop

This device comes with a hang loop for convenience and easier storage.


With the power of 1875 Watts, you will be able to have gentle hair drying. Your hair will be dried very fast and the outcomes will be smooth.

Operates Quietly

The product produces low noise hence there will be minimal disturbance.


The product is made using professional Titanium Ceramic which makes it strong hence there will be fewer damages.


This product weighs about 1.32 pounds hence you will easily operate with it.

Compact design

This hair dryer has a compact design allowing it to be stored in small places.

It has an ergonomic handle

Its handle is well shaped for your hand to have a comfortable grip.

Simple to use

The buttons are well placed, well labeled and they are easily pressed

What We Don’t Like

Takes long to dry thick hair

The power button placement is not appropriate because switch the device off unknowingly


Remington Pro D2042 has an attractive design which makes it beautiful. Its comfortable handle and compact size make it easier to operate. With a removable cap, one will be able to clean the product making it stay for a longer period.

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