Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer Review

Philips is among the leading companies which make electrical appliances in the world. The company is dedicated to serving the world with the best electrical products. Philips HP8120is one of the products that Philips Company makes, and it is used in drying wet hair.

This dryer is powerful with a power rating of 1200w and is available in pink and white colour hence more attractive on the look. If you are the person who likes and cherishes your hair, this is the product that you shouldn’t miss at your home. This dryer is easier to use. With the product, your hair will never stay in damp conditions again.

Thermo protect feature

This product is fitted with thermo-protect features that protect your hair from the high temperature that can cause damage and burning to your hair. The higher temperature may also cause a burn on your head’s skin.

Compact design

Philips HP8120 has a compact design which makes it easier for storing and handling. Above all, it’s lightweight; therefore carrying it won’t be a big deal.

Temperature settings

This product is fitted with three changeable pre-selected drying-settings for use on different requirements. The heat & speed needed can be comfortably changed to form the best style. The six different settings give one complete control for exact & tailored styling.

Wired connection

This dryer gets powered via cable. It comes with a cable that measures 1.5 meters. The cable is also strongly made, and of the best quality; therefore it won’t break easily.

Cool-air setting

Furthermore, this product has a cool-air setting which allows you to dry your hair at a low temperature which minimizes hair damage. This setting is suitable for fine, dry & damaged hair. It is best for use on hot summer seasons.

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What Do We like

Foldable handle

With a foldable handle, it is possible to store the dryer into the smallest places & you can easily carry the product.


It comes with a concentrator that focuses on the airflow to give a polished and shiny look to your hair. The concentrator also helps you in targeting a specific place and deal with the area.

Air setting

The product has a fast air-setting to give you efficient and gentle drying.


It comes with a warranty of 2 years which counts starting from the day you purchase the product.

Cute & compact packaging

Philips HP8120 comes in a smart and compact pack making it presentable

Best results

After use, the dryer makes the hair bouncy plus it adds a lovely volume.

Lightweight & ergonomic handle design

This drier is lightweight with an ergonomic handle which makes it simple and comfortable to operate with it.

Hanging hook

It has a hanging hook which makes it easy to use and store whenever in use or not.

What We Don’t Like

The Cool air-mode blows out warm-air also instead of 100 per cent cold air with a complete flow rate.


With the guidance above, you should have all the knowledge about Philips HP8120 and now it’s up to you to make your final decision. But generally, the product is just perfect at a low cost. It is lightweight, powerful and simple to use with many useful features

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