Philips BHC015 Hair Dryer Review

Many people have trusted Philips Company for making the best quality products. The company deals with different kinds of products for different purposes. Some of the products it manufactures are hair dryers. Philips BHC015 is among the hair dryers made by Philips.

This dryer has a compact size making it look cute. The product is also powerful, giving out the best results. This dryer has a power rating of 1200W which will allow you to dry your hair gently & fast. Above all, the product has variable caring settings that are made to meet various drying needs & gives extra care.

Thermo Protect feature

Philips BHC015 is fitted with a thermo-protect feature which gives the best heating to your hair, giving you extra protection which prevents hair damage. The Thermo protect heating allows optimal airflow & heat combination, which enables one to dry the hair without high temperature quickly. This will maintain your hair’s natural moistness level to give a shiny and healthy hair.

Cool-air setting

The cool-air setting enables one to dry the hair at relatively low warmth heat to reduce the damage that can be created. The setting is best for use with fine, damaged and dry hair. It is also best for use during the hot summer season.


This product gives one 3-preselected heat and speed settings to provide you with a caring, cool or quick-drying depending on what you require.


This dryer is powered using a cable. The cable measures 1.8 meters which is long to give convenience for free movement when using the device.


Due to its compact size, this dryer is easier to pack. It also occupies a smaller space.

Narrow nozzle

The narrow nozzle will allow you to concentrate on a given area to achieve excellent results.


This product operates with a voltage that ranges between 220 and 240 V.

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What Do We like


This drier is lightweight; therefore, one can easily and comfortably carry it around.

Ergonomic handle

The product has a well-made handle which makes it simple and comfortable to use.

Hanging hook

It’s also fitted with a hanging hook that used to hang the dryer on a wall for easier access.


This product comes with a two-year warranty which begins from the purchase date.

Foldable Handle

This product handle is foldable and allows it to be packed in a small package.

Easy to operate

The setting buttons are well placed in the handle for easier access with your fingers

What We Don’t Like

The cool mode is not that effective


With the help of this review, you were able to know more details about the product. The product is good, and it has the best results. If in search of a professional hairdryer, this is the product to purchase. Get it now and feel the experience.

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