Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer Review

Panasonic Company provides a wide range of products & services from home appliances, health, beauty, and many more. The company makes the best quality products with robust materials, hence more durable.

Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer is one of the company’s beauty products. The dryer is available in violet and white color.

Cool shot

The cool shot feature is capable of emitting cool-airflow, which gives your hair a glossy and shiny look. This will also help in locking your hairstyle in places for long hours. This cool-mode is also capable of preserving natural moisture. Above all, it makes your hair frizz-free & appear bouncy.

Power cord

This product has a tangle free power cable; therefore, you will use minimal time untangling your device. The cable measures 1.8 meters, which are long enough to enable you to style the hair with ease.

Three-speed setting

This ergonomic hair-dryer is made to be practical & versatile. You will be able to vary the various speed modes based on how dense and hair type is. Your speed will also depend on the styles your hair requires and your drying needs.

Cord guard

This dryer has a cord guard that will protect your cable from breaking. With this cord guard, you will be free to move the dryer at any angle or direction, and still, your cable is safe. Above all, this cable is well insulated to prevent electric shock injuries.


This product operates with a voltage range of 220 to 240 V, which is globally standard.


With a power of 1500W, you will be able to dry any hair type with ease. Furthermore, you will dry your hair fast.

Thin concentrator

With a narrow concentrator, you will be able to focus the air to a specific point easily. The thin concentrator will also enable you to make the best hairstyle you require.

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What Do We like

Foldable handle

With a foldable handle, the dryer becomes compact, making it simple to store it in small places. The compact design also allows this dryer to fit in small space, making it easy to carry while traveling.

Storage hook

Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer is fitted with a storage hook that is used to store your dryer in a convenient place for easier access when in need.

Healthy mode

With a healthy mode, the dryer will consistently produce an airflow of 50-degrees. This will assist you in setting up an attractive hairstyle or dry your hair fast. This mode will also assist in locking in moisture in one’s hair & make it smoother.


Panasonic EH-ND52N comes with a manufacturer warranty of 24 months.


This dryer operates silently and powerfully. Therefore, you will be disturbing no one with noise.

What We Don’t Like

The product produces a burnt smell when it overheats.


Panasonic EH-ND52N is fitted with a hair-protective heat tech which operates at 50-degrees Celsius. This will allow you to have beautiful tresses and dry your hair fast. It comes with a two-year warranty. Above all, the product has a compact design making it easy to store and carry.

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