Havells HD3225 Hair Dryer Review

Havells is among India’s largest and quickest growing electrical & power supply equipment brands. Havells products are made using the best quality material to serve you for a longer time. Havells manufactures products that include home, industrial and commercial appliances.

Havells HD3225 is one of the hairdryers that is simple to use. All you need is just to towel your wet hair, then you set the dryer on medium heat & at a high air-speed. Blow the hair until you achieve the results you were intending. Here are a few details about Havells HD3225 Hair Dryer to check out.

Ionic flow

This hair dryer has an Ionic flow that eradicates frizz & keeps your hair healthy and hydrated.

Power rating

This product has a power rating of 1800W that gives one the best hair-drying outcomes at high speeds & guarantees optimal heat-flow according to one’s needs. This also gives extra protection in overheating your hair.

Three heat setting

This product is fitted with three heat settings which include warm, hot and cool airflow which gives you a complete drying & styling flexibility.

Centrifugal six fan blades

The product is equipped with centrifugal six fan blades which guarantee a uniform airflow that has noise reduction. Uniform heating of your hair will minimize hair damages and burning.

Concentrator nozzle

This product has a concentrator nozzle which allows you to focus or concentrate on a certain point. The concentrator also helps you in styling your hair the way you like.

Heat balance-technology

Havells HD3225 has an in-built thermostat & a thermal fuse which enables you to guard your hair against overheating which may cause damage.


The device is corded. Its cord has a length of 180 centimeters making it more convenient. It will assist one to maneuver the hair dryer depending on your needs.


The product operates with a voltage of between 220 to 240 Voltage which is globally accepted.

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What Do We like

Foldable handle

This product has a foldable handle. The foldable handle makes it have a compact design that is simple to carry and store in a small place.

Easy to operate

This product is simple to operate while operating it because the buttons are just the place where your fingers will lie.


Havells HD3225 hair dryer has a warranty of two years which is long enough for you to test.

Best design

This product has a shiny appearance with cute colors. This makes the hairdryer look attractive. It is also simple to wipe dirt off the dryer easily.

Hanging hook

The dryer has a hanging hook which makes it easier to store the product the place you can easily access.

What We Don’t Like



In summary, if you are searching for a device to just dry out your hair, then this is the product to go for. With the three airflow options, you will be able to style your hair in any style you like. This product is best for the value and above all, you can use it at your salon and earn money.

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