Havells HD3101 Hair Dryer Review

Havells Company is a well-known and more popular brand in the Indian market. Havells products are built with precision & quality, and above all, they last for a longer time. Havells is also known for making electronic equipment for beauty purposes. Havells grooming basics will have you smart & stylish every time.

Havells HD3101 hair dryer is one of the electronic equipment that Havells makes. This dryer operates with a power rating of 1200 W. Havells HD3101 comes in white and pink color.

Temperature settings

This product has two temperature settings, which include warm and hot air. You will be able to choose the temperature that suits your hair to get the best results. One can opt to dry his/her hair slowly if there’s not much moisture content. Also, one can vary the setting so that your hair can dry with super-fast speed.


This dryer operates within a voltage of between 220 and 240 Volts with an alternating current. Its voltage range is universally standard.

Heat balance tech

Havells HD3101 is fitted with heat balance tech, which reduces hair damage.

Honeycomb inlet

This dryer consists of honeycomb air-inlet, which not only gives out an effective hair drying but also reduces the hair tangle. This honeycomb air-inlets will result in fast evaporation of any moisture content on your hair & therefore dry the wet-hair instantly.


This product power is rated 1200W. This power is sufficient to give you a gentle drying with efficiency. Also, you will have soft glossy & beautiful hair.


Havells HD3101 is corded. Its cord measures approximately 1.6 meters long to allow one maneuver when using the product.

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What Do We like

Ensures safe and efficient performance

This product gives one a complete safety against overheating. Overheating is a common issue which damages the hair. With an optimum airflow generated, you will have the best results in the fast drying of your hair.

Hanging loop

This product is fitted with a hanging loop which allows one to store the product at a place that he or she can access easily


This dryer comes with a warranty of two years which starts from the day of purchase


This dryer is lightweight, making it simple to handle & travel-friendly.

Ergonomic design

This dryer has a well-designed handle, which makes it comfortable for one to hold while using it.

Long-lasting result

The best level of airflow will give you long-lasting results. One can use the roller-comb to style the hair and make a finer finishing.

What We Don’t Like

The concentrator is not detachable.


Havells HD3101 is one of the products to own if you care about your hairstyle. This dryer is simple to operate with the best design for giving you comfort while using the product. This product can be comfortably be used for commercial purposes at your salon and at home as it is suitable for all hair type

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