Hair & Care Silk n Shine Leave-in Conditioner Review

With innumerable products available out there that promise to tame down your hair and make them shiner, it can get a little confusing to choose what’s right for your hair. Our team has reviewed Hair & Care Silk n Shine Leave-in Conditioner to bring you a step closer towards lustrous silky hair.

Hair Care Silk n Shine Leave in Conditioner



Hair Care Silk n Shine Leave in Conditioner Packaging

The small clear bottle in the 100ml pack drops a pea sized amount with each squeeze. The transparent and clean packaging gives a good idea about how much product is left and helps in planning a refill easily. It comes in a carton which comes in handy to carry the bottle around while travelling without the worries of spills and stains. 


Cyclomethicone, Cyclomethicone and Dimenthiconol, Fragrance, Vitamin E Acetate, Dimethicone, Phenyl Trimethicone, Fruit extracts.

Suitable for

It gives great results when applied on dry to normal hair type. Best to use in less humid weather.

How to Apply

A coin sized amount, spread evenly on palms to be combed through hair- mostly covering all strands. Using it after every hair wash gives best results.

Hair Care Silk n Shine Leave in Conditioner Packaging 1

Our Experience

Hair & Care Silk n Shine Leave-in Conditioner was tested by us on dry and normal hair. It has a pleasing fruity smell coming from its fruit extracts.

When applied on damp hair, it spreads evenly and thoroughly. The product has oil based serum like consistency but doesn’t feel heavy and thick on the hair like oil does. 

On blow dried as well as air dried hair it gave a shiny touch to it and made it easy to comb through.

It tamed frizziness to quite an extent and added visible lusture. It did not make hair voluminous but didn’t flatten it out too much either. It worked great in making the hair easier to style and gave hair a little protection against the blow dryer. Its fruity fragrances lasted a long while making hair care a more loveable process.


  • We were all impressed by its comforting fruity playful fragrance which was long lasting.
  • The consistency is oil/gel based making it very easy to use all over, without uneven sloggy application.
  • The visible lustre this product gives to the hair makes it a must have for dry hair.
  • It also gave a rather healthier look to the hair by the shine and softness it adds with each application
  • It is a pocket friendly leave in conditioner that one can add to daily hair care routine and takes up hardly any time
  • It contains Vitamin E acetate which is known to have great effect on hair.
  • It helps in styling hair with or without heat tools as it tames down frizzy hair a lot.


  • The leave in conditioner makes it necessary to wash hair within 2-3 days. If prolonged, the hair looks extra oily and might attract dust.