Guide to Understanding Microwave Oven Functions

A microwave oven is not only used for reheating food but for various other purposes. It can be described as a multi-tasking appliance. Starting from the coffee that we have every morning to the grilled chicken at dinner, everything is made in the microwave. To use this appliance properly, you need to know about the features and their functions. Modern microwaves offer different features for various purposes.

In this article, we will discuss the variety of features of the microwave oven and its functions so that you can know more about them.

Microwave Oven Functions


The first thing you need to know about a microwave is its display. It is highly efficient in monitoring cooking progress. The easy to read numbers inform you regarding cooking time. It will keep you informed according to the selection of setting at what power, stage it is heating/cooking and how much longer it is going to take.

Wave system technology:

The wave system technology refers to the heat waves used by the microwave to heat or cook food. The technology ensures even heat distribution during the cooking process for better results. It also retains the vitamins and nutrients of the food. The latest technology not only provides you with excellent performance but also saves up to 15% of energy.

Child lock:

This is one of the most useful safety features of any microwave. If you have children around, then you know how dangerous a microwave can be for them. Hence, most modern microwave ovens come with a child lock feature. The safety lock prevents accidents and injuries when your kids are around or trying to access the microwave.

Electronic controls and preset:

The microwaves built-in controls and presets are very user-friendly. If you want to make pizza, then all you need to do is mix all the ingredients and make it ready. Put it in the microwave and press a button from preset recipes. There are various presets available in different microwaves ranging between 10 – 25 presets.

The controls of the microwave enable you to control its operations with ease. If you are about to reheat food, then you need to choose a setting for how long or at what temperature you want to heat it. The display will guide you through the selection process of the settings.

Multi-function ovens:

The latest microwave ovens will provide you with all the advantages of convection and grill microwaves. The different power settings will let you adjust the inner temperature of the oven. You can speed up your cooking by heating the oven to 250 degrees celsius.

If you are opting for a roast, then use the highest temperature. You can use the grill and convection heating simultaneously, especially when you are preparing a roast or making pizza, grilled bacon, and many more.


You can defrost your frozen meats in your microwave oven within minutes. You need to put the weight of the meat or item that you wish to defrost and press a pre-configured button. It will save you a lot of time.

Manual power settings:

Different power level settings are available for different models of the microwave. You can set to 10% 20% 30% to 100% power manually according to the desired temperature. You can also adjust the power level while grilling. Make sure to know the power output that suits your dish and set it accordingly.

Auto cook menu:

The microwaves having an auto cook menu will allow you to select your food item, and it will automatically choose the correct setting for the food item. It will reduce your effort and quickly cook your food.


This fermentation feature is mainly used for preparing yogurt. It is the process of a breakdown of a substance by bacteria and other microorganisms. During this fermentation process, the microwave will set the timer automatically. Also, you can manually adjust the time by pressing the required buttons.

Keep warm:

There are two types of keep warm feature. In some microwaves, you have to press a button whereas, on the other ones, this feature kicks in automatically. You need to press the warm hold button, enter the cooking time, and then start cooking. When the cooking is done, do not open the door. It will keep the food warm for up to 90 minutes. Sometimes it begins automatically two minutes after a process has finished as long as the door has not been opened.

Steam clean/disinfect:

This steam clean feature is mostly available on the high-end microwave ovens. All you need to do is fill the steam cleaner with clean water. Place them to the inside wall of the microwave. Press the start steam clean button and wait for a while. When it’s done, take a paper towel to wipe it clean to get rid of any bacteria or bad odor.


This feature of a microwave oven can prepare you delicious and crispy meat dishes very quickly. The rotisserie rotates the meat for even distribution of heat for uniform cooking. It is even more useful if you are cooking chicken using this feature. Now roast your chicken rotisserie-style.

Frylite function:

Are you on a diet or trying to avoid oil in your food altogether? This is one of the most used features in any microwave. This fry lite feature allows you to fry potatoes or any vegetables using minimal oil.


This article is to understand the functions of a microwave oven. You need to know your microwave and its features accurately to maximize the output. As they say, it is a multi-tasking appliance, so make sure to use it accordingly.

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