V-Guard Pebble Metallica 15 Litre Water Heater Review

Everybody wants their bathrooms to look more beautiful and attractive as it is one of the best personal spaces to relax. Whatever accompanies you there, should be ergonomically and aesthetically designed so that it just functions the way we want.

One of the best models is the v-guard pebble Metallica 15L water heater. This storage water heater comes with the unique 0.3 cm (3mm) thick coating that has been created using an Engineered Polymer Anti Corrosion [EPAC] technology, which separates the tank from any kind of water resistance to rust, thus increasing the life span of the product.

The pebble metallic series of water heaters provide interchangeable panels in 6 different colors. This feature has been introduced to make the bathrooms more attractive and allow the users to customize it as per the user’s aesthetic needs.

It has the ABS outer body, sacrificial anode, and a superficial quality Incoloy which makes heating elements with glass line coating for an extended life span.

Metallic Finish Front Panel

The metallic finish front panel gives the water heater a classy look in today’s modern time. It shines, and a chance of scratches on the panel is less.

5-Star Rating as Per BEE Rating

It is energy efficient and will not consume too much electricity as it comes with BEE 5 Star rating. So, no worries regarding electricity consumption.

Temperature Adjustable Capacity

It has a capacity of temperature adjustment according to the desired need of the users. Temperature can be set easily.

8kg /cm square pressure Withstanding

The pebble water heater is designed to withstand water pressure up to 8kg/cm2, making it suitable for multi-storied buildings. It will also prevent the backflow of water in case the water supply gets interrupted.

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What Do We like

EPAC tank

3mm thick coating created using EPAC technology protects the tank from any kind of corrosion as well as the hard water conditions, thus help in increasing the life span of the product.

Incoloy Heating Element

Pebble has a vitreous enamel coated heating element made of Incoloy 800 material with the filling of high-quality magnesium oxide powder inside that offers superior heating performance and longer life of the product.

Different Colour Panels

The Pebble series of water heater provide panels in six different colors in both metallic and non-metallic finish which help in making bathroom walls more attractive and trendier in modern time.

Storage Capacity

It has 15 L huge storage capacity, which provides the facility for storing the water for further prolonged use.

What We Don’t Like

This geyser is an absolute steal deal. It has no cons what so ever.


V guard pebble Metallica 15L water heater is one of the best heaters as it works very effectively in a shorter period. It is made so stylish as it makes the bathroom’s walls more attractive.

It comes with EPAC technology and has a 5-star BEE rating. It is lightly weighted (7 kg) as suitable to carry to various places having the power consumption of 2000 W. it gives the facility of choosing colors according to the color of the bathrooms.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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